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The London institution refused to acquire clothes and personal objects belonging to the former Prime Minister who will be dispersed at auction in December. Conservative MPs but also the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood do not include the choice of the Museum.
Two years after his death, the ghost of Margaret Thatcher haunts the venerable Victoria and Albert Museum. The London institution devoted to decorative arts, fashion and design is in the crosshairs of conservatives and several personalities since she refused to acquire clothes and objects that belonged to the former British Prime Minister, who died in April, 2013 at the age of 87.

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The institution believes that “these elements of political history of Britain would be smarter exposed in another collection that would focus on their historical and social value”. The V & A reminded early in the week that its policy “with regard to the collections is to focus on the acquisition of parts to the aesthetic quality or exceptional know-how”.
Among the 350 lots emblematic are the famous red leather suitcase containing confidences of the Premiers, estimated between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds (4,200 and 7,000 euros), with signed copies of some of its key speech as well as of clothing including her wedding dress, many of its famous handbags and jewelry, including a necklace beautiful Chaumet Emerald and diamond.
“Margaret Thatcher was the woman the best dressed of her time”

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The possessions of the face of the Tories will now be dispersed at auction on 3 and 16 December. The prospect that they could land in the hands of foreign collectors, as in a first sale in 2012, has bumped many figures of the conservative party. “What a pity that the V & A has declined this proposal, I would have wanted to admire this collection,” lamented on Twitter the Secretary of State for trade Sabine Yawid. “Lady Thatcher took great care of his clothes and its promoted expertise of fashion choice English. I will be delighted to help an institution to expose them”, added his colleague to culture, and former parliamentary Attaché of Margaret Thatcher. See more other formal dresses here.

10 mistakes to avoid if you are a wedding guest

We all know when we have to play a leading role and a secondary or protagonist. And if you’ve been invited to a wedding, it is clear that it is the day of the bride. We leave a list with some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be the perfect wedding guest.

We can all have a bad day and not be entirely successful with our party look or not inspire in choosing the perfect formal dress. But to avoid such situations or reduce the maximum effects, consider these tips :

1. NO to the party dresses with glue: do not stick to a wedding! The spectacular nature and sophistication of the backs with glue, in this case, is exclusively reserved for the bride. That this is not Hollywood and we’re not walking on the red card carpet.

2. NO feathers, sequins and shine without measure: A wedding is more than just a party. This is an event with greater solemnity and therefore we do without more details “festivaleros” in our formal dress.

3. NO the mark for the nude or very washed shades: Well, it seems that all we are clear … but horror! So typical guest who is dressed in white appears. So it is worth to emphasize this again.

4. NO to total black look: While etiquette have relaxed considerably in recent years regarding black dresses at a wedding, we should avoid supplements supplements in the same key. Yes to the bright vibrant colors!

5. NO to American: You wear a cute dress, you are divine and everything is great. Do not spoil it with an American. They do not stick to anything with a costume party!

6. NO makeup War: At a wedding, you should not only consider the dress or accessories, but the hair and makeup also feature. Opt for something discreet, natural and that highlights your features.

7. Combed recharged NO: Idem with the theme of makeup. That collected processed are fine, they are very beautiful and look great in magazines. But if you’re not used, always think that the loose hair also looks great.

8. NO handbags than hand: There is nothing worse in a guest left a bag cross. At a wedding, always, always, always handbag, either clutch or small handles type. And the smaller the better!

9. NO to invited leading jewelry in tow: Some people think that a wedding is ideal for bringing out all his stuff now. Ladies and ladies, moderation!

10. In short, not the excesses: The maximum you always have to have stuck in your head when you go to a wedding guest is “less is more”. That is the crux of the matter!

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