How to choose the wedding dress according to your body

How to choose the wedding dress according to your body


All options. Take advantage of what you want to show and hide what’s bothering you.

Pear body

The best thing for these bodies are dresses A line leading away from the waist, details on the bust area or draped diagonal, wide necklines and can lead details on the shoulders also to compensate. You can also choose strapless. Another cut that will make the bride look harmonious and at ease is the rule. EVITA: pleated skirts or in the hip area and mermaid cut.

Circular body

Ideally, these bodies is to choose a dress silhouette follow the waist and from there comes a skirt online A. pronounced in V necklines help estiliar, wide strips, upper bust should hold well for which does not tend to leave. Empire Court is also a good choice. Avoid: mermaid dresses(mermaid formal dresses) or tight cuts, like the very loose. And everything that generates volume or call attention to the height of the abdomen.

Body inverted triangle

This body has wider shoulders and small hips. To bring your figure I chose simple details in the chest area or V-necklines pronounced styling top. Dress skirt should ideally have volume from the waist or mid-hip. EVITA: large or plunging necklines, boat neckline or strapless and very thin strips. Nor will either remain very tight skirts.

Useful tips to save money on Weddings

Tips1:The bouquets


Wedding bouquets are usually the part overcharged by wedding agency, if you want to choose seasonal flowers and hand it over to the agency,you will be charge more then.So,if it is possible to find at the flower market,do it yourself.

Tips 2:Select business Hotel and held the wedding at weekend


For business travelers goal-oriented business hotels,Monday to Friday will be relatively expensive,but weekends to it will be “low season” then.So,you can find your time to visit a business hotel if you plan to marry at weekend,there might be a surprise.

Tips 3: Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer

Shooting a wedding is manual labor,couples will not have the energy to calculate the working time of a photographer,but for photographers,request additional charge because of over time work is most often to happen.Professional photographers often cost high, in fact,photo style is not unique too.If you can use social networking to find a freelance photographer,it could save a great amount.

Tips 4:Hotel address can consider in suburb

wedding suburb venues

It may be costy to held a wedding in a city,but not sure how good it is too. A hotel in suburb with convenient transportation and low cost,the price is relatively more approachable.

Tips 5: wedding car


There is no a must to borrow a wedding car from the agency,but your friends’ and family’s are available too,which will be much cheaper than the angency’s.

Tips 6:Discount Wedding gowns


Many beautiful wedding dresses are often on sale online,from 15% up to 50%,the pattern and style is fashionable and new too,most is customize and you can choose to make some alteration as you like,like many modern ladies do!It will be convenient and save more time too.Further more,a sea of dresses is choosable.