Announce of cooperation between Alexander Wang & H&M

According to foreign media’s report on April 13th, the famous brand H&M announced the cooperation with Alexander Wang, a leading fashion designer. It is estimated that the series would be released on 16th November. This time is official news, let’s see and wait for Alexander Wang’s brilliant idea!

Designer Alexander Wang with H&M responsible

As a Chinese American, Alexander Wang is becoming more and more famous in America. In recent years, numerous people like his fabrics, tones, layers and cut. It’s worth mentioning that he acted as the creative director of Balenciaga, and he won many international designing prizes before.

A black & white portrait of Alexander for cooperation with H&M campaign

To see the official site of Alexander Wang :

It is Alexander Wang’s continuous hard working and the attitude of pursuing freedom that attract H&M. Margareta van den Bosch, creative directors of H&M, said: Alexander Wang knows the young’s pursuit quite well. His design is full of influences and I am excepting working with him.

At the same time, Alexander Wang also have a profound impression on H&M, “It’s my pleasure to cooperate with the brand, without any doubt, H&M is a creative team. Customers can experience better about Alexander Wang’s design concept and attitude of life.”

Valentino 2013 Shanghai Dresses Collection Show: Classic Red Lights the Bund

Valentino 2013 Shanghai

Pm 9:00, November 14, the 2013 Valentino Shanghai fashion show was held in Shanghai Bund, released Shanghai dresses collection. The fashion show presented Valentino’s brand craftsmanship and the classic and most exciting “Valentino red”.

For women’s show held in Shanghai for the first time, Valentino’s Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli specially created a special collection regardless of the season, combining haute couture, accessories and haute couture series: an exciting fashion statement. The unique style and attitude that they have been active in the development and consolidation of the brand’s was vividly presented in the entire series; In the mean while combined with Continue Reading

Wedding Ideas: Wedding Dress Made from Toilet Paper and Wedding Flower from RMB

wedding dresses made from toilet paper

Wedding Dresses Made from Toilet Paper

To advocate the philosophy of the low-carbon and environmental wedding, students  of Wuhan university homemade various styles of wedding dresses with toilet paper which had stunned the audience on the live design contest. Normally wedding dresses made from toilet paper should not be able to give people the same effect with silk-weaved wedding dresses, but toilet paper wedding dresses worn by the models did not dimming themselves but even more amazing. Continue Reading

Persun 2014 wedding dresses collection

persun 2014 styles

The styles of Persun in this season are located to dignified classic routes. There is not much change compared with previous years, but the highlight of this season is designers pay special attention to exquisite detail. Chic-based version cutting emphasizes women’s soft body type, linear sewing beads sewn beads with punctate pattern combining beautifully rendered with rich spun under the skirt ingenious combination, revealing a sweat hazy atmosphere. Continue Reading