how to be the perfect bridesmaid/groomsman

The bridesmaids and groomsmen served as a very important role in the wedding,then, how to be the perfect bridesmaid/groomsman in the bride party? It can be completely reflect how many good relationship between you and bride(and groom) at this time. Anyway,you are the bridesmaid or groomsmen who will accompanied with them in their whole wedding. Although it maybe have some tire and troubles, it has a lot of more fun compare with eat a light meal, because you should always keep a clear head when the guests who like gossip ask you to speak out some past storms about bride or groom, you should have a clear understanding of what is the final bottom line. If you can come up with a harmless piece is appropriately adjusted atmosphere, but some key issues to be absolutely do not say it!


If you are a bridesmaid

Sometimes, the bridesmaids who has close relationship with bride will have important task for the new received a red envelope, as a friend of the bride, you should be agile, no matter what aspect of a relative or friend come into the wedding scene,you should accompany the bride came together welcome and thanks, they are usually fed to a red envelope on this time, you can not make wearing a gorgeous wedding come and collect it, it usually either you or the bride’s mother came and collect it, you need to prepared a small red envelopes to place all the red envelope in your side, used to temporarily store
gifts, because the bride’s mother need to take care of the whole relative
, she is very busy so you can take this responsibility to collect the red envelopes, it must be borne by the maid of honor this
r, the wedding scene is lively and also have slightly confusing, you may
have to stay awake all the time, you can always strictly observe their duties, before it has happened lost gift thing because it is too busy, you can not make the same mistake!


If you are a groomsman

As a friend of the best man, you need to let everyone know what your friend is a sweetheart boy before he met a good guy, you know when your friends happy or unhappy bachelor scenes, and even some funny things.

Wedding: In the wedding day, your task is to tell all the friends and relatives of the bride and groom as well as their parents, the groom who is a good youth, he is not only a good friend, a good son, a good student, but he can cope with ease on a variety of scenes , preferably both have emotional memories and open some last joke in timely.

Opening: The first thing is the brief introduction, tell the guests how many years you know about him, you need everyone to listen to is your friendship with groom that the groom choose you as his best man, if you are a friend in the childhood, it is time to do more than talk about some good people know deep friendship between you and the groom.

bride and groom

Once you explain that you are the groom’s best friend, you can take the opportunity to engage in some humor, costume play, you and your friends talk about the bad things …… certainly not done anything really bad …… The funny things when you and groom together episode, as the first time you do something, mistaken identity thing, like adventure travel stories, short stories should be short and interesting from start to finish no more than reflect your friends and affectionate friendship.

Blessing, finally you can told the bride that she made ​​the best choice as the identity of the bride,if you are very familiar with bride, you can say it is perfect combination between bride and groom.