Which color is the best for colored diamonds?

Colored diamonds has a lot of color, such as red, pink, gold, black, yellow diamond, etc., then what color diamond is the best? Among them red and pink diamonds are very rare color type, its value higher than other color diamonds. colored diamond

1 Black Diamond

Black Diamond is usually not as a diamond, but a big black and transparent who can also become a precious diamond, such as the world famous diamond “Star of Africa.” black diamond

2 Red Diamond

One kind of pink to bright red transparent diamonds, especially in the “pigeon blood red” by rarity. Such as the world famous diamond “Russian Red”, etc., it obtained from Australia.

red diamond


3 Purple Diamond

A lavender to purple transparent diamond, specially for brilliant purple is a rarity, the former Soviet Union is the main source.

Purple Diamond


4 Green Diamond

One kind of light green to green transparent diamonds, which were bright green is the best. Such as the world famous diamond “Dresden Green”, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) is the main source.

green diamond


5 Colorless diamond

A pure diamond was colorless and transparent like water, which especially the items with light blue is the best. Extra large diamond in the world and the world famous diamond are mainly this species, such as “Qiongke Er” and so on.

colorless diamond

6. Golden diamond

Diamond One kind of golden transparent diamonds is common varieties for colored diamonds.

Golden Diamond



7 Blue Diamond

One kind of sky blue, blue to dark blue transparent diamond, a deep blue one is the best. This diamonds if different from other diamond, it has semiconductor properties. Because of its particularly rare, so as rare treasures. Such as the world famous diamond “hope” and so on, Mel Prairie South Africa is the main source of mine.

blue diamond

How to maintenance and cleaning the diamond

Wedding ring is the most important souvenirs for bride and groom, but is itself expensive. So how to maintenance and cleaning is very important. Ring how to maintain it? Ring also need to be cleaned regularly to make diamond falling fresh. How to clean a diamond ring in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning without damage to ring it?

wedding diamond

1 avoid the collision and friction

Despite the general gem has high hardness, not easy to be worn or damaged, but we should try to avoid the collision and friction, prevent cracking or surface tarnish. When you don’t need to wear, it should be promptly removed and properly and then take it to good collection. Such as participation in sports activities, bathing, housework, you should remove the jewelry in order to avoid its damage.

wedding diamond
2 avoid the heat and acid, alkali solution exposure

Many of the jewelry inlaid diamond, its physical and chemical properties are not very stable, it is easy to fade when the diamond subject to high temperatures or prolonged exposure to the sun; others with acid, alkali solution exposure can be cause fading. Therefore, to avoid the heat and acid, alkali solution exposure.

wedding diamond

3 gem detergent to cleaning it

Diamonds can be made ​​the detergent at home to clean the surface of the method. You can import some special gems cleaner in the warm water, or add some mild detergent, make the diamond soak into the water and then use a small cloth to gently wipe valuables. Then use the water to clean it, use a soft cloth to dry it. Pls remember that you need to blocked drain, or use filters to avoid losing diamond when you first to rinse it.

weddign diamond
4  with a mild detergent to remove dirt

When you don’t need to wear wedding ring in temporarily, you must be cleaned it in time before storing it. Diamond has strong lipophilic, easily to contaminated with grease and shiny dark that oil accumulated dust up in every corner of the diamond’s inside, seriously affecting its luster. In fact, cleaning diamond is not difficult. Take a bowl of warm water, add a few drops of neutral detergent into the warm water, and then use cotton (or a small brush, such as an old toothbrush) moistened with water and gently wipe the diamond. After the dirt to be washed, rinsed look at another bowl of water, and then finding ventilate place to dry, shiny diamond ring will return to its true colors. Do not put all the jewerlry into the one box, do not use a soft cloth wrapped more than one jewelry, lest they wear between the various jewelry.

wedding diamond

5 check the diamond studded location from time to time

Although diamonds are the hardest substance, but also the site of a diamond studded diamond waist is the most vulnerable areas. If it subject to impact,it maybe making the diamonds sheeding, it is recommended to check the occasional diamond studded location, or send then to a jewelry shop for regular maintenance check.

wedding diamond

6 store separately

Diamond is the hardest substance known to man in currently, if the other jewelry with diamonds put together, then it is easy to cause damage arising between the scratch, it is recommended that you can put the diamond into a single jewelry box when you don’t wear it, it is also to avoid friction between damaged with other jewelry.

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