Timeless princess style bridal gown

Absolutely every woman dreamed as one day she will become princess when she was a little child. Here that day came and Dressesmallau puts at your disposal a series of princess style wedding dresses for your wedding to be one drawn from childhood fairy tales.

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Whether you are 20,30 or 50 years old, princess wedding dresses have no age. In addition, this type of wedding dress fits most types of silhouettes, especially women with hourglass figure, brides full ones and small stature, advantages or empire mermaid wedding dress does not offer.

Key features of the princess wedding dresses are very tight-fitting bodice, most often heart-shaped, and long and voluminous skirt which may be extended by a train of different sizes.

Through the combination of different materials from taffeta, tulle and organza to silk and lace, the princess style bridal dress is regal model that exudes elegance and is suitable for a grand locations. Accessories and applications veil, flowers, beads and crystals will help to create picture perfect princess.

The princess stype will give a touch of elegance and sophistication that you will wear on your wedding day.

Wedding gowns with straps or strapless?

The wedding dress is the most important element of the wedding and her choice is not very easy. The wedding dress has to be one that’ll emphasize strengths and hide your weaknesses. But what do you do when one of the reasons why the constitution we dress difficulty of choosing a wedding dress with straps or strapless? We come to meet you with some tips to make your choice easier. The most important thing you have to have in mind is the size of the bust. A generous bust corset will always ask both for visual appearance and for your convenience.

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Strapless bridal dress looks good on thin women in most cases. For brides who have a thin waist contoured corset in strapless dress can do wonders. A petite bride who really wants to wear a braced wedding dress is preferable to choose thin straps or a transparent tulle with a V-shaped neckline.

Strapless wedding dress is an excellent choice which reflects elegance. Brides opting for strapless bridal dress must take care that suits them dress in fixed and choosing a heart-shaped neckline is best.

The right accessories for a strapless wedding dress are simple. Because the dress will highlight your neck opt to wear a stylish necklace or choose various pearls. You can also choose to wear a bracelet version and nothing. The idea is not to upload accessories.

We hope our tips have helped you and expect you to our store (Dressesmallau.com)to choose the wedding dress for you.

Dresses for plump brides – special size

We explain how to look perfect and wonderful day of your wedding.

v neck Wedding Dresses

Normally designs of wedding dresses are made ​​to lean women or even, sometimes, extremely thin. There therefore has to renounce plump see spectacular day of your wedding being. Opt for layers or very sheer wedding dresses . But mostly non-marking hips. The empire cut dresses (cut below the bust) may be perfect for your figure. In terms of types of necklines choose those that leave both your shoulders and your neck clear.

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Type necklines halter , strapless or backless very finite can be very flattering. The neckline or V-neck can also be very successful. In any case can you choose plus size wedding dresses with high collars. And above all, be yourself and divine feel that special day !!!

Lace Wedding Dress Renaissance for Your Marriage

The renaissance of lace is a textile technique that originated in Venice, Italy, in the sixteenth century and was introduced to Brazil by European nuns. The delicate embroidery has spread here by the hands of Northeastern tenants, who pass the art from generation to generation.

Imagine you carry with you a story so beautiful and Brazilian! For this great day , you can all! A exquisite lace bridal dress braided in renaissances will leave you beautiful and very delicate.

Ideal for use in weddings on the beach, the sunshine and blessed by the power of the sea. But nothing prevents you to use also in a church wedding with everything you are entitled. Remember that renaissances rents are used mostly for brides who like this type of craft. They are not welcome if you looking for a sophisticated and shiny wedding dress.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work. One of the most difficult decisions a bride has to make is the choice of dress would you wear on the most important day of their lives. The many options available that determine the perfect wedding dress for going to run with makes it much more difficult a choice. Whatever be introduced recent trends to brides of today, tip still dominates the wedding fashion. The intricate designs of lace makes every bride captivating an elegant looking. Incorporating vintage style to your wedding could be a fabulous idea. What you need is a vintage lace wedding gown. The handwork, holding patterns and designs of the past special memories that could each wedding special and full of glamor. When talking about vintage wedding dresses, women think about rummaging through your family attic or go through your grandma’s closet.vintage Wedding DressesIt’s a good start and would even save money. But there are many places that today specializes in vintage collection. In case you forgot, the Internet is a good place to just about anything you find. A little research would give you hundreds of options of vintage clothes in order to get around. The prices are great as well. Look for it on the Internet would show how this trend is made affordable for brides. Aside want a little history to inject their wedding theme, the practicality makes many brides love the idea of ​​going vintage.

Cheap lace wedding gowns

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With it, your wedding will be an unforgettable experience. Not only as a subject or for the uniqueness, but for love, and the mood. Adding the sophisticated touch of lace wedding dresses styles of past inspired perfect to set the mood of today’s modern marriage. Top it to complete with added touch of vintage accessories to look. Your Vintage Wedding is a nice way to honor the past be in a fresh, contemporary and romantic fashion.

Tulle, satin, lace: the classic models for delicate brides

For those women who tend to be delicate in nature, the look of the big day can not be different and must accompany the style of the bride. Ideally, then, it is that the romantic and sensitive bride use a model princess dress out of fairy tales.

modern V neck Wedding Dress UK

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A legitimate princess wedding gown is one that uses and abuses of tulle, satin, lace and voluminous skirts – which, incidentally, are super high for the year. But it is important not to fall into sameness and try to put a touch of contemporary production. And of course, take care of the excess, after all, the key word for these dresses is “delicacy”.

The lace dress falls nicely for the most romantic, but if you exaggerate the income, the bride is not delicate. Same for the other elements. It is important to balance a little of each.

Brides who want to make the style “delicate” but lavish sensuality, the tip is if you want a more behaved front of the dress, abusing the neckline on the back, which is delicate and very sensual. The sweetheart neckline is super recommended for brides who want to escape the wedding dress took that-fall classic.romantic backless Wedding DressesWedding dresses with bows in the back are perfect for those who enjoy an unusual touch. It will appear as a surprise element without losing the romance.

At which time the short wedding dress is most appropriate?

More and more brides are opting for a short bridal dress. They are so cute and perfectly match the brides who do not like and do not usually wear long skirts.

Following the line of the wedding dress model should be in accordance with the environment, the short stay beautiful outdoor wedding parties, during the day or ceremonies in office.

But cheating brides who think the short model is more stripped. The short can have as much glamor as long. At night, the model can be used as second dress – to enjoy the party – or a bride that accepts break tradition. In this case, the short works at any time if the bride is taken off.


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The secret to hit when using a short wedding dress is to seek balance. The model leaves legs in evidence, so the ideal is that the neck is not deep. And to make the look even more glamorous, the part can be made of tulle, lace and silk gazar and combined with hats, skullcaps and other fun accessories.

Trend for brides in 2015: Look Modern Princess

If you’re getting married in 2015 and have not yet chosen which the look of the great day, bet on modern princess style wedding gowns. Models with full skirts and bodices are just trend among women who dream of a princess look.


The chosen neckline – whether he had taken-that-fall, with sleeves or shoulder to shoulder – has an important role in style and can change the outcome of the play. The skirt with layers of tulle is a good option, but if you want a touch of royalty, more full-bodied fabrics are a sure bet.


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The modern princess tiaras can use small flowers or even tissue in hair. Looser and delicate hairstyle is what can make all the difference in the bridal look.

Illusion neckline comes with everything in wedding dress

You have not chosen the ideal model of wedding dress? You are in doubt about what will fit best with your look? Do not worry! It’s totally normal to feel lost among so many options. So we bring here what’s new in the bridal market. illusion wedding necklineWhen it comes to wedding dress, fashion always renews and brings vintages references. Sometimes the only model uses some elements of other times. And it is precisely there that the neckline illusion emerged, or illusion. Of course, now, this look is more modern.

The illusion neckline exudes romanticism and brings a really cool effect. That’s because you do not let the look very vulgar, but at the same time is sexy . The idea is to leave a thicker fabric to the bust and fill the rest of the neck with a tulle illusion, that good transparent.

You can opt for an embroidered tulle, or an income. This way, you disguises the neck, leaving her look better behaved. If you want the opposite effect, take the opportunity to abuse the neck, since the smooth illusion also well disguised the gall. Like the tip? We recommend this type of neckline to walk down the aisle in style.

Tips for selecting open back wedding dress

As long as you are a bold and trendy bride, you may wish to choose a backless wedding dress, let’s take a look at related considerations for selecting those wedding gown. Please believe that no matter lace up back style or classical Greek one shoulder style, or it is a conventional V back style can make a chic bride with chic charm.


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Note 1:

Must pay attention that the body should not be too rich, skeleton not too big, let the beautiful butterfly bone can be exposed as much as possible, so as to become more sexy and elegant.


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Note 2:

Bridal gown with open back can be said to show the sweeping beauty of the bride, especially the smooth skin, soft lines, so when you decide to wear backless wedding dress, remember to take SPA body care one month in advance, so that the back looks more delicate and smooth, try not to eat stimulating foods, keep the skin in good condition.

Note 3:

Of course, If there are some sudden acne a few days before the wedding, there is not much time for nursing. We can also use foundation to cover it, then cosmetics to hold & keep the skin in perfect condition.mermaid-wedding-gown-2015In some European-style wedding shoot, choose a fully backless dress, and then a retro makeup and hairstyle. So not only can the bride’s elegance to show up, but the surrounding environment is very harmonious. Full interpretation of the perfect classical beauty and luxury.