Six beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaids in 2015

There a lot of weddings in spring and summer, the gorgeous color theme wedding is make you overwhelmed, but what kind of hairstyle will be corresponding with it? Today i recommend various of beautiful bridesmaids hairstyles. It is absolutely to match with the wedding theme, delicate female number two is you..

bridesmaid hairstyle with flowers

All hair casual loose in the shoulders freely, the roll camber make the overall shape no longer ordinary, with the meaning of happiness flowers is super attractive, very casual natural look.

The waves roll type hairstyle with white hair accessories

It is carried out in half of the overall volume wavy hair perm, the hot roll hair is more abundance, with the white hair ornaments, the overall shape is becoming more grand and elegant at once.

Low side bun hairstyle
With a lateral distribution formula, all the hair combed smooth down low side dish into a bun is giving a very low key charming feeling for people, the effect will be better after wearing swear.

short hairstyle with long bangs
Super short hair clip surplus strong side points after the administrative levels, the longish bangs lived on the side of the eyes, it is highlights a strong mystery, caused the people’s curiosity.

the points long hairstyle with flowers
Adopted the most stylish carved design, long hair is more stylish after a hot waterlines, it is wearing fresh garlands with superior garden style.

the light brown curly hairstyle for bridesmaid

Within the hair end up the buckle volume is very hot, the light brown hair color give us the pure feelings, the overall shape is freshing and delightful.