10 super beautiful hair accessories for brides

No matter how long is your hair, with hair accessories to match your elegant wedding dress is the most simple and effective method. Different hair styles you can match with different hair accessories, from hair bands, hair clips into garlands etc. How to make your bridal look more pretty? We have selected 10 super beautiful bridal hair accessories to you, they have adopted the basic pearl, crystal and other grand occasion for weddings material, design or elegant and demure, or pretty and lively, absolutely it will make you more glamorous in wedding day.

Simple flower hair accessories









The concise and fashion hair accessories make you become the modern bride.

Flower Shape Ponytail rubber

Looks like flowers hair accessories makes you look more divine and purity.

vintage style hair accessories

Add vintage accessories to your hairstyle, the roses hair accessories match with white mesh veil hair ornaments, it is very suitable for the bride.

Crystals and pearls hair band

The hair band is made of crystal and pearl which also can match with the earrings, it will looks quite gentle.

The white jasmine flower hair accessories

White jasmine with green leaves, as well as vines winding, it is full of greenery wedding hair accessories and suitable for summer lawn wedding.

simple bow hair accessories

Bowknot control will like this kind of simple and lovely hair accessories, its special design lets a person shine at the moment.

Shell hair accessories

If it is a beach wedding, or you’re a bride who crazy to love the sea, so the shells with these lovely hair ornament is your hairstyle.

Complicated design of plug

The complicated  hair plus design is very beautiful, but we recommend to match with a simple hairstyle.

blue and green flower hair accessories

Numerous flower is symbol of your love, gentle blue and green combination is suitable for outdoor summer wedding.

simple style hair accessories

The hair accessories is simple, but sweet enough. For brides who love the minimalist style, it is best choice hair accessories.


9 vintage style jewelry for brides

There are many vintage interpretation is widespread retro, retro, vintage three explanations, vintage does not mean old, reflect a mature which the classic charm is forever. Today, the vintage style is more and more popular, but also this will make the people more and more love the vintage style, from makeup to clothing have era style, so in your wedding, why not to add some vintage style to your wedding?

Vintage CorollaFlower Crown

Wear vintage Corolla will flew into the medieval elegance bride immediately.

light green vintage hair accessoriesVintage hair accessories

Light green retro hair accessories is to add a lot of fresh tranquil temperament for the bride.

Silver handmade flower hairpinHairpin

Silver handmade flower hairpin is to show the cute side for the bride.

Delicate white wedding veilDelicate veil

It seems still holds partly concealed, white veil has a noble sense of mystery.

Chanel No. 5 perfume

Classic perfume

Chanel No. 5 perfume is one of the most loved by the woman, enduring.

Retro orange makeup box


Vintage Cosmetic will add a lot of extra points for the mature and generous bride.

vintage makeup mirror

Handheld mirror

Perhaps the possession of retro mirror makeup mirror may contain the elves happiness of magic.

vintage receive a case

Gilded lipstick storage box

Retro storage box has a solid sense of prudence.

Even the small compact mirror


Compact with a lovely beautiful socialite wind.

How to match the jewelry for bride

The bride is always the most beautiful women in the wedding day, because the bride requirement is luxurious and gorgeous, so in this day, in addition to beautiful bridal gowns, jewelry is also essential, then, how to match the jewelry for bride? Only his best selection of diamonds jewelry thought to better match with. Let you achieve your ultimate in wedding day.

beautiful diamond bracelet
Such a diamond bracelet, let you speak of luxury to the limit, you can match with a deep V-neck or chest wrapped in shiny dress models, both of which are the best of the match, there is a sense of balance in the visual , and also allows you to highlight the star-like sexy and eye-catching. In addition to clothing, you can also choose a pair of unique earrings to foil, it can be said that with the way both make you shine in a show of hands every move she makes between the audience and let you become the most dazzling bride.

As the heroine in wedding day, but the gas field can not be less, the diamond earring is better to match up with a variety of clothing, whether it is encrusted sequined wedding gown or bead flower in full bloom, it is a perfect match to select the diamond. In this shape, It is very clever to embellishement the diamond, whether you choose luxurious style, or minimalist style, as long as through careful matching, you can be a good interpretation of a single part for your beauty.

beautiful diamond earrings
Such a diamond earring, the simplicity style is revealing an elegant temperament, but capable everywhere are showing clever mind, it is the perfect detail. It is can be match with round neck or sleeveless sequined dress, sparkling will be show elegant and restrained temperament. If you choose the bridal hairstyle is rolled up, then you can also choose coupled with a slim and beautiful diamonds bracelets, it will be play a good role in dotting, but does not seem too assertive.