How to choose the wedding shoes

In the wedding, the bride need to hand-selected the wedding shoes expect to pick up wedding dress, jewelry, holding flower and so on. But how to choose the wedding shoes?

white wedding shoes

What matters choose the wedding dress need to pay attention to:

beige wedding shoes

When you pick up the high of the wedding shoes, you should take a full consideration to the groom’s height. Appropriate height, the bride and groom will look good fit. And the bride need to stand here for a long time, if you have been wearing high heels, it certainly will not be very comfortable, if the foot is too sore, then the laugh will be stiff. So we advice that the brides do not choose too high wedding shoes, so choose the height as well as the daily live shoes.

Red embroidery wedding shoe

When the bride wearing cheongsam, you can choose satin embroidered shoes. This type of shoe is usually very delicate and elegant, close to the foot, it is more suitable for narrow feet of the bride, you can better to characterize the classical beauty of the image.

red wedding shoes

The shoes are generally not several sets as well as clothes which like taking wedding photographs, so it is the best to choose the right color of a joker. Red is definitely the first choice for Chinese brides, whether match with the wedding dress or red Chinese dress are very good. As for the difference between red and dark red color, it is depending on the wedding. These are the small series of precautions available to everyone, I hope everyone can be in the most beautiful on this day, the best show in front of their loved ones and guests, leaving beautiful and precious memories.

The most confortable methods for wearing wedding shoes

beige lace wedding shoes

The wedding is really a big challenge for the bride’s toe. So brides must be make sure the wedding shoes to wear comfortable before the advent of this important day. Follow these simple steps, you can avoid brides go full foot blisters honeymoon friends.

white high heel shoes
The comfortable wedding shoes needs some items: sandpaper or a non-slip sticky mat

The first step:
In the weeks before the wedding, you need to wear the wedding shoes go walk on their home ground near a different walk. Do not wait until the last minute to wear, because it takes time to running shoes.

The second step:
To simulate the ceremony, you can wear wedding shoes stand somewhere for while, to see if their feet feel comfortable. If it is uncomfortable, you also need to wear it at home near a mill continues to grind.

white wedding shoes with flower

The third step:
If you plan to wear stockings on the wedding day, the first you need to wear a pair similar stocking, and then put on wedding shoes go around.

The fourth step:
Wear wedding shoes go walk on smooth ground around and look at the bottom of the shoes slippery slide. If you join a dance class, you can wear it to go to school. If not, then wear it dance. To ensure that they fit in when dancing, and you will not be kicked out.

The fifth step:
The skid pad attached to marriage sole prevent wrestling at the ceremony or banquet. Another way is to use sandpaper soles to increase friction.