Wedding music for new couple in big day

2015 It is to get married in 2015! But after listening to a lot of songs, but it can not choose the most satisfying wedding songs? You want to live with the atmosphere but also they want for their taste, why so difficult to choose a few songs? Today, we will recommend some music for you, I hope that we can help you to choose your favorite one.

bride and groom on the weddingBride who wear elegant strapless a line wedding dress on the wedding venue

1 “BELLE” – Jack Johnson: This background music can create a vintage low key feelings when the groom confession.

2 “Love never end” – Sweety: In this romantic environment, so playing music make the bride like an angel came to earth.

3 “Save the best to last” – Vanessa Williams: Sensational music let you with a grateful heart, with the rhythm of the music, it is slowly export your gratitude.

4 “Can not help fall in love” – ​​Elvis Presley: The most suitable music to declare his intention optimum track, as spoke of the background music is good.

5 “Amelie from Montmartre” – Boyzone: More suitable for fashionable and lively new couple which is fully express the vitality of the young.

6 “Everyday I loved you” – Boyzone: Big boys singing with a little shy which can be used as background during confession.

7 “Perfect moment” – Martin McCutcheon: the perfect moment is to achieve the perfect success in life which is suitable for use in confession and kiss.

8 “Truly madly deeply” – Savage garden: For young and trendy wedding, it can be used to play FLASH and other links background music.

9 “A twist of marley” – To restore the true nature of the wedding party, so the guests is no longer stiff, freely, enjoy dancing.

10 “Can not help falling in love” – ​​Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley songs, the lyrics are not important, relaxed and loving melody has expressed everything. Beautiful melodies in the romantic atmosphere of the most appropriate, however, as background music is very chic.

11 “Always you” – Sophie Zelmain: For the music to meet the bride’s appearance, very romantic feeling.

12 “Little drummer boy” – Charlotte Church: Singer just like the music of the melodious melody, noble and elegant, suitable for use in speaking background music.

13 “Nothing can change my love” – ​​Lyrics in artistic conception, the chorus, cut it out which will show the full emotions.

14 “Air on the G string” – familiar classic songs, solemn yet elegant, if the “Wedding March” is tired of hearing, consider this music.

15 “I will always love you” – Whitney Houston: The song is high at the beginning which can be directly used in exchange rings or kiss the bride, very powerful.

Nice wedding background music make your wedding more romantic

In a Western-style wedding, the wedding party is an essential part,i will give you recommend a few wedding background music for weddings, these music can help you make the wedding atmosphere high up.

flower wedding theme
Background music 1

If you want your party’s atmosphere can high up at first, adequately mobilized their initiative, then opening wedding dance music had to be lively. For example, the song “That’s How Strong Our Love Is” rhythm is very cheerful, and it can pull a prelude to the joy of the wedding party, let everyone singing jump.

yellow rose wedding theme
Background music 2

Two strangers from acquaintance to love and now walk into the wedding hall, in the course of this period, most people certainly have done some crazy moves. So in the last bachelor eve night, new people might be crazy once, followed by “Crazy Love” is fast-paced danced, his happiness and sweetness are released now!

lovely girl with flower

Background music 3

Wedding music major significance is to be able to express their profoundly love, on the wedding day, in order to let the other side know my inner thoughts, then you may wish to dance at the wedding accompanied by sounds English music “All I Want is You”, and dance with her, in an atmosphere of music and dance, let your love clearly know is that she is the person you want.

Lily wedding theme

Background music 4

Of Etta James singing music “At Last” is a love song, it’s the main point which is to thank the other to end of the single life, and you want two people can go together until the end of life . This song especially for the wedding to play, it can express the couple’s wish for a better life, while also showing his firm ideas.