The importance of guest list

You may have thought that define the exact number of guests is not so important, but it depends a lot of variables that will have to take into account for the organization of your wedding to be perfect. Want to know how it can affect you?

tips for wedding guest

The number of guests at your wedding will not only determine the room, depending on the capacity, but also influence things as important as the budget, the type of catering or even to the detail or gift you are going to deliver. Therefore, is essential to make a guest list and start point from the beginning, to those you have already confirmed their attendance and those who have already said they will not be able to come.

In addition, next to the name of each of them, can also note details such as type of food ( if they are vegetarian or need special food for coeliacs ), if they need any special care or if you make some special gift or surprise. ‘ll also add a map with the your wedding tables and incorporating persons who have confirmed their presence. From experience, the issue of placing guests at tables, sometimes can turn into a real ‘ puzzle ‘. Therefore, it is important to perform a thorough ‘ seating plan ‘.

So get to work, because the closures before your guest list, the more time you’ll have to organize all the details of your wedding.


4 advantages of getting married in the morning

Getting married in the morning? Have you thought that idea? Generally, anyone who thinks this kind of marriage are those couples who chose to marry only in the calendar. Some registries mark the completion of the marriage for the morning. They are wrong who think that you can not celebrate the wedding in the morning. There are some advantages to schedule a celebration of his great day in the morning . See the 4 advantages listed below:

1. You can hold a brunch. A meal between breakfast and lunch that can hold delicious food options. Breads, cold cuts, pies, cookies, among others.

2. You can travel to a moon of honey and more rested in the same wedding day. Since your ceremony will end soon, you can leave for your honeymoon early and be able to enjoy it more.

3. This time is ideal for mini weddings. For anyone thinking of making a more low-key wedding, with only the closest friends and family, get married in the morning is a great time because it allows more intimate options.

4. If you want to get married in the field on a farm, morning schedule allows you to make those big, long party where all your guests are able to enjoy the best day.

Enjoyed the advantages? Hold the wedding in the morning break may be too innovative, but it is an option for those looking for something different for the great day, and even a little more economical. Think about it!

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5 Things Wedding Guests Can Never Do


As a wedding guest, the most important thing is to arrive on time, and then give the couple your best wishes. If the couple have no special requests, you do not need to do anything else. But in fact, as a wedding guest, there are also some manners.

Do not arbitrarily change informal dress

During the ceremony, do not arbitrarily change other informal dresses, even the children as well. Indeed, sometimes it is hot or humid on the wedding day, but near the end of the party, there is usually a need to take group photo with everyone together, if your dress is not appropriate, then, it will make the whole picture looks incongruous.

Avoid drinking too much

This is not a family reunion travel, it is the most important day for the bride and groom, so just not do anything beyond control.

Do not strive to be mic hog

No matter give a speech or take wedding photos, you should obey the arrangements. Of course, if the couple take the initiative to invite you for other programs, do not be squeamish.

Do not distracting

Whether you are the friend of bride or groom, try not to take up the bride and groom too much time, because the whole wedding process schedule is very tight.

Try not to publish personal opinions about wedding details

During the wedding, each person will have their own evaluation on the wedding, as a guest, you should try to avoid negative emotions or remarks.

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The reason that brides break up with bridesmaids

According to the investigation of British “Daily Mail”, due to a woman’s jealousy and financial issues, 30% married women broke up with their bridesmaids after the wedding.brides and bridesmaidsOver half of the brides had ever conflicted with bridesmaids

In the 1939 British married women respondents, 73% of them admitted they had big or small friction with the bridesmaids in the wedding; 61% of them confess the friction are very trivial little things, and was solved very soon; however, 32% people admitted the  conflict led to rupture of the relationship between them after the wedding.

The main reason of the contradictory

The respondents mentioned that the main reason for the conflict is the difference in comments on the dress, hair and other stylings, some bridesmaids liked to intervene and unauthorized command the wedding.

30% of married women said they broke up with the bridesmaids

A recent survey among UK married women says that 32% of married women believe that they will not longer be a friend of their bridesmaids.

The United Kingdom Lancashire bride Kelly Lloyd ever appeared at headlines due to such conflict. She was photographed fighting with the bridesmaid at the hen party. The bridesmaid spoke angrily in an interview: “I am so kind to them, while she treat me like that, I don’t even know why this happened, and I will never go to her wedding in May. ”

39% of women believe that the bridesmaids need a high familiarity

39 percent women said there is at least on family member in bridesmaids, such as sister, cousin, niece or aunt; as those friends without sisterhood, they must know them for an average of five and a half years.

72% of married women said they are willing to repair the broken friendship

About 28% of the women said the friendship between them can not be repaired; but there are also 72 percent of respondents said they are willing to make up for this broken friendship, but unless the other party take the first step to reconciliation.

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10 headaches of the brides

The road leading to marriage may not go smoothly, in the face of big pressure on the wedding day, brides have their own headaches. The 10 things most likely to make the bride crazy, please try to avoid being one of them.

annoying-bride-wedding-tips1. A lazy groom

For the wedding preparations, a man seems never take it seriously as a woman. Although some brides enjoy the freedom to handle everything, but the wedding is for your couple, basic details of the problem should discuss and make decision together. Facing with such lazy groom, brides can try to communicate, list problems need to solve together.

2. Uninvited advice

For youngers’ wedding, family and in-laws relatives are likely to come up and give guidance. Reasonable proposal and experience are acceptable, but do not be overwhelmed by all sorts of gossip.

3. Temporary guests

Even if you have repeatedly calculated the number of wedding guests, but the number of wedding guests may still exceed your budget. Under normal circumstances, the hotel can arrange temporary banquet space, but if too much beyond the numbers, we can only arrange some guests to other dining venues.

4. Guests break the appointment

Guests without warning break the appointment are equally annoying as those uninvited guests. When doing seat arrangements, put those “maybe” absent guests at a place remote from the main table, to avoid any ugly scenes.

5. Guests and children are brought

Some of the guests when receive the wedding invitation will propose to bring a child or friend. For these extra guests, brides need to declare it clearly if you’re really scared of naughty children. For exra guests, you can invite in person, or politely refuse.

6 “Rude” guests

Although the purpose of the wedding do not to extort money, but considering your kind invitation and careful preparation, for those guests with empty hands, it seems to have dispensed with the wedding thanks you card.

7. Leaders and colleagues

According to etiquette, the bride and groom should invite their close relationship between leadership and work colleagues, but if you do not want to held a big party, you can also try to invite only some of the workmates.

8. Bridesmaids with no budget

Not all bridesmaids are willing to spend money for your wedding, those bridesmaids with tight budget, you need to prepare the bridesmaid dresses, accessories and other outfits for their need.

9. Glum guests

Due to age or personality reasons, some guests may not interested in the entertainments you prepared and sit alone aside. When planning the entertainments, you should try to consider the interests of the guests of all ages.

10. Timid self

Suddenly feel nervous, scared on wedding eve, no certain about the decisions made by own? Take a deep breath, take a moment to let yourself relax and learn to enjoy the moment and your big day now.

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4 classic style wedding dresses

1 Sexy style: deep V dress

Deep V sexy, plus delicate aesthetic lace, satin sheen noble, what a perfect wedding dress! Try to show your good figure and feminine charming!

2 Goddess Style: One shoulder dress

One shoulder wedding dress inspired by the Greek goddess, to create a classic and elegant atmosphere. It is different from the classic drape fabric, the latest stiff one shoulder wedding dress is also use crisp fabrics, more modern sense of fashion.

3 Cute style: Strapless dress

Strapless wedding dress design is the most classic princess style. Especially the heart-shaped strapless wedding dress, it is from a Barbie princess dream! The style will be expose woman’s wonderful neck lines which is the most timeless design.

4 Retro Style: Boat neck wedding dress

You maybe worry about deep v, or strapless dress are too sexy, then we will recommend retro boat-neck style, it is so elegant, exudes royal atmosphere, it is just do not fit shoulder bride.

image source: Persun


What kinds of beach wedding photos posture

I’ll tell you about the four classic style beach wedding pose, it is no frills, just only blue water, blue sky, water and sky scenes are romantic enough handover.

in the evening bride and groom book at each other Look at each other

The new people face on standing, staring each other, show affection lingering look. This position can show sweetness between bride and groom in this atmospheric enough scenes. The key is to grasp the gracefully eyes, it is not too stiff, it is necessary to show the deep felling beween both sides, and also it si not too contrived, it is better to have feeling of power when the people for the first look.

new couple standing on the beach

Look into the future

The wedding photos as a keepsake for the wedding, but also it contains a good happiness expectations for the future, the wedding posture of facing the sea to look into the future , not only the most beautiful side show newcomers, but also it has profound meaning contains promising. The focus of this position is to stand with both sides, to take a side posture, eyes staring straight ahead, you can also replace multiple angles.

bride and groom back to back

Back to back

New people can back to back to sit on the beach, this style can let new couple look back at the beginning of the dating scene, soft sand, clear cloud, they can inadvertently saying something, the screen is extremely gentle. Rely on each other’s position bewteen bride and groom, it really explain the feelings of husband and wife share the joys and sorrows.

groom kiss the bride on the beach

Kiss cheek style

Kiss is an indispensable wedding a shot. Kissing on the beach, the sea was quite a day for the Union oath feelings. Celi bride and groom kiss on the cheek, a warm sense of more than mouth-to-mouth kiss. Of course, the kiss only to be action only, the couple will be slightly higher level some distance apart, creating a dynamic beauty.


How to take underwater wedding photos

For marry new who ready to take wedding photos in summer, underwater wedding photography is the best choice. So how underwater wedding photos taken to clap a white gauze elegant wedding photos which look beautiful and romantic?

underwater wedding photo

1 Best time to taken

In sunny noon is the best time to take underwater photos, because the sun is top in this time and almost vertical irradiation in water, it is quite rare to reflect, the light is most strongest in the water.

the bride carrying a bouquet of flowers to take photos in the water to take wedding photo

2 Wear the right wedding dress

The bride modeling shoot underwater wedding photos, have a special request for the wedding dress, a sense of lightness chiffon fabrics are the most suitable for shooting underwater. The shape dress can perfect show the bride like a mermaid figure, but fluffy wedding dress are blossoming with the most beautiful posture in the water. Note that no matter what type of wedding dress selection, key parts of the fabrics are not too thoroughly.

The bride and groom kiss each other

3 Pose to stretch

It needs to to demonstrate the soft, lightweight status for underwater wedding photos. Posture need try to relax and naturally, not stiff, try to stretch the limbs can move freely to the mermaid swimming. You can focused kiss to your favourite in the water. Only need naturally and simple actions, you will get the most perfect picture in the blue ocean world.

4 Grasp the expression

Underwater shots is relatively complex than the land taken. Once underwater shooting, as if came to the mermaid fairy tale world, the bride will appearing with natural and refreshing, you must avoid drowning ferocious expression when exposed hideous face. no matter what is an innocent smile, or still slightly blurred eyes, you can make you full of beauty.

the groom holding the beautiful bride in the water to take wedding photo

5 The quality of the water is very important

If you want to take high quality of finished photos, water clarity is critical. So before launching you can allow the photographer to take test shots. Further, a water activity will produce a lot of new bubbles, the photographer should avoid the generation of a large number of bubbles, because large bubbles will affect the clarity of finished product,so the photographer should be shooting after the new couple’s action stabilized.