What to wear to a winter wedding ideas to look for inspiration


Are you wondering what to wear to a winter wedding? It is not easy to find the right solution, but we want to offer ideas to look for inspiration in order to find the perfect combination for your event. Just as with our wardrobe when we make the change of season and suddenly we realize that the clothes take on darker colors and intense, even for formal wear winter happen the same. Are preferred, therefore, dresses dark colors, like black, burgundy and navy blue, but also fabrics, processing and long sleeves. Let’s see some looks to wear to a winter wedding.



We talked about color and we have stated that the dark ones are definitely the most popular, so if you have doubts just be captivated by the formal wear featuring colors like black, dark blue, burgundy, deep purple or even two-tone models, they may have also hints white or ivory. Among the most beautiful are the proposals for Rosa Clara, who also have cascades of crystals and sequins, so as not to pass unnoticed even during the cold winter nights. Also very beautiful vestments of Pronovias, many of these are characterized by long sleeves, smooth or macramé effect I do not see, but also creations composed shirts off white mannish style shabby and straight pants in tissue fluid and black.



A good solution for a ceremony of winter is to wear a wool suit or otherwise made of a warm material. This way you’ll be perfect even when temperatures are too low. Excellent proposals stylish models are represented by a hood, playing on this form cape elegant and unexpected, but also the long dress(formal dresses) in velvet also embellished with applications in lightweight fabric with different shapes, such as butterflies and flowers of Valentine.



If you are looking for a dress for a wedding winter day you may bet on a tweed creations with touches of pastel, but if it is evening you should choose something more dark, like a black jumpsuit dress. Do you want to try a short version? In the collection from Max Mara ceremony for the winter there are some sensational models Mikado and Cady, with whom you can not go wrong of course, but what to match these clothes?



First you should choose a nice coat, something formal and that goes well with the length and the breadth of the dress. Alternatively we offer a fur coat, preferably a short model, so as not to affect too much the beauty of the dress(long formal dresses). The tights are necessary, unless you plan to gelarvi legs, as it is better to focus on closed shoes on the tip, but if you are fearless even sandals can be a good solution. Finally do not forget the clutch, which must always be in line with other accessories from the ceremony that you have chosen for this great opportunity.











Halloween bride:black wedding also represents happiness

Still thinking of attracting people’s attention with beautiful and romantic fresh wedding? No, there is no need now, heavy taste is a way to attract eyeballs, you want your wedding not obliterate everyone must have their own characteristics! A US couple Michelle and Jared’s unique wedding, absolutely subvert the traditional romantic! Let’s visit their Halloween wedding then.

The bride usually a unique personality, she is also taking the Gothic style in daily life, they want their wedding to be different.Before the eve of the wedding, the bride and mother to organize costumes. The bride still go rock Gothic style for the make up.No glamorous high heels, but a pair of boot can board the sacred wedding as well, it is the personality to go!Bouquet composed with vintage jewelry, fine gorgeous.Is a coffin-shaped ring box, reveals a dark gothic style.


Who said the bride must dress in white gown with aesthetic appearance! Michelle is to break the routine! Sleeveless black dress expose her tattoos, what fits herself is the best! So as the groom, who is of course impossible wears suits and ties, but assuming black big earrings, so cool he is! The bridesmaids were also echo the theme of gray!


The black veil and small pumpkins reveals a Halloween atmosphere. The original wooden frame and white photos make the atmosphere more intense!Gift bags are special designed too. One of the corner, these pictures are telling their love story.Wedding cake design is also very interesting, if you can not accept Corpse Bride, just to imagine it for the love of good moral right to death.


Open-air bar.


New couple exchanging wedding rings in warm lights, whether normal wedding or Gothic wedding, it is in so impressive!


Have you ever thinking of holding a black wedding? One of our customer had ever bought a black wedding gown from us too. Really a cool choice, isn’t it?


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