Korean style holding flowers for bride

The holding flowers is an essential one on the wedding, a striking hand bouquet can make the bride shape more perfect. Today, we will bring you several Korean holding flowers for you, let the flowers witness your love.

pink and red rose

1 Rose

Rose represents love which is the most common flowers in the wedding. In the wedding industry, the rose is refer in particular to the modern roses, the color classification is hardly discounted, the most common color is red, white, pink, orange, purple and blue. It is great demand for weddings and banquets,cultivation technology is mature, it will cultivated all colored roses throughout the year. For different colors and varieties, the price is not the same price, an alpine rose is relatively inexpensive, BLUELOVER relatively expensive.

1 Pure or mixed holding roses are available, the style is slightly different.
2 The methods of keep flower fresh after the wedding: change water regularly, the lower end of the branches cut 1 cm, cut, “ten”, split into four lobes; floral water container can be added sugars, vitamins, growth hormone, medical painkillers etc., it will prolong the flowers fresh longer.
beautiful white tulip

2 Tulips

The tulip is the national flower for the dutch, the flowering period is more shorter and the price is more higher than the rose. The outdoor tulips bloom from 3-4 months, the flower will roughly cultivate cut flowers listed earlier, you can use it in the winter. The common color is red, orange, white, yellow, pink and so on in the wedding dress.

1 Making holding flowers, it is better reflect the pure tulip bouquet elegance.
2 Winter is the season of blooming daffodils, tulips, but need to pay attention not to arbitrarily inserted in the same holding narcissus flower in vase.

white paeony

3 Peony

Peony is one of the earliest cultivated flowers in China, it is widely used from May to July each year in the wedding. Pink, white is the most common color, whether solid or both intermingled use which can interpret warmth and romance. It is most fundamental difference that the peony is herb, but the tree-peony woody plants.

Peony is the most taboo in the sun for the wedding, summer outdoor wedding must be pay attention to. You can set aside in a cool place in advance, before the wedding and then placed in the outdoors.
calla lily

4 Calla lily and arum

Calla its elegant posture, meaning holy widely favored by newcomers, it have flowers all year round supply, but New Year’s Day after the market opened for good. The most common is white calla lily, there is a special similar calla in the wedding, but more color types are calla lilies, the more common colors are bright yellow, orange.

1 The import Calla flowers is larger and more full, the same bouquet scale, better usage of imported Calla and effect.
2 calla lily stems, leaves the poisonous sap, not eating or touch the eye.
3 items are very conducive to long stems curved shape.

5 Lisianthus

It is also known as gentian, rich color, monochrome and multiple colors, petals are ill and double flap points, florid constant love. Lisianthus is widely used in the wedding, the most important reason is that color optional large, the price is right, the annual supply is good with flowers floral materials.

Lisianthus more as the wedding flower arrangement with flowers appear, the pure holding the best choice for complex flap bellflower species, more floral layers of the atmosphere.

2014 the latest holding flowers for bride

As the adornment of the bride, holding flowers is an essential equipment for the wedding, a lot of girls want to know what kinds of wedding flower in 2014? They want to become the elegant and beautiful mature bride in their own wedding, personalized holding flowers will be definitely make you for the tender bride.

white wedding flower With a little fresh and playful bride holding flowers design, white color is the most common color which appears on current wedding, showing the extraordinary purity, elegance. Generally the calla lily, bell flower and a combination of white narcissus holding flowers always has a unique aesthetic sense, but also highlights a teenage rebellion against tradition, taste formed an independent feature among small.

The tulip Hitom leaf and ferns, a blend of hand bouquet
Combination with tulips, leaves and fern leaves Begonia made ??personalized wedding flower design in 2014, purple is seems to be like by a lot of girls. With rich maroon, green and crisp with which conflict beauty. More importantly, purple holding flowers with a kind of rebellious personality, especially for a highly personalized bride.

Waterfall bouquet

General the common waterfall bouquet is a more suitable for traditional wedding, especially for formal occasions, floral recommend using white tone, more elegant and solemn. The overall shape of the waterfall bride holding flowers is chic and novel, it is suitable for tall bride.

The orange peony
The pink, orange peony, orange bride holding flowers seem particularly elegant and lively look. If you are both a conservative and the pursuit of fashionable feeling bride, then you can choose this simple style orange bride holding flowers. In the elegant appearance, but also reveal a little vague and lively, with a maiden temperament is suitable bride.

purple wedding flower

Purple toned lilac, peony, magnolia make up a bride holding flowers, purple always show an easy romantic tenderness. Meanwhile purple bride holding flowers always seem particularly romantic, if you want your marriage can be chic in garden Midsummer Night’s Dream, full of beautiful and romantic atmosphere, color, flavor and taste as a moving feast.

Poppy chamomile and sensitive plant combination bouquet of flowers

Poppy, chamomile and mimosa combination of the holding flowers, which blooming with an mature charm, deduce the bride unique temperament. Generally the common outdoor wedding brides would choose the gold holding flowers, golden flowers match with lush green grass symbolizes the harvest of fruits, and generally sunny autumn day as if people can not help but smile burn.

Beautiful Korean bride holding flowers

When the groom gently holding the flowers to the bride’s hand, wedding flower is to witness this sweet love. Today we recommend some Korean bride holding flowers, at the end of the wedding the bride’s throw the bouquet to another woman who will look forward to happiness, this wedding flower is became a happy continuation. Therefore, the bride’s holding flowers carrying a happy couple’s love and happiness in the future.

white holding flower for bride

White color is representative of pure, sweet, this holding flowers has a kind of pure and natural flavor from a distance look. Whether delicate white calla lilies, or romantic white roses, under the blossoming bud light green leafy decorate, bring more romantic for this holding flowers, especially for pure sweet temperament lovely bride, it is given able to maximize your beauty.

Red wedding bouquet
Red is also a common used color for holding flowers, especially for traditional Chinese wedding. In traditional wedding is given priority to with festive and auspicious, the bride holding flowers floral can red flowers choose to decorate, such as red roses, red calla lilies and red peony flowers, the warm colors can perfectly show the bride a sense of happiness and sweet.

light orange holding  flower for bride
Light orange wedding flower is the same as the white roses, they are able to create a kind of dreamy romantic feeling, and light orange seems to be a full of warm color, it can allow the entire wedding are in a warm and sweet atmosphere being. The bride can choose orange roses and gerbera flowers hands to build holding flower in autumn, it will make beautiful bride look more elegant.

White calla lilies
Calla lily’s shape is simple and pure, white alocasia is more fresh soft. Its floral language is very beautiful, purity, happiness, handsome, pure love, alocasia itself also represents the honest, pure, intrinsic handsome. The fresh calla lilies, pink roses Phalaenopsis and champagne together, dreamy romantic floral fragrance formed around the romantic atmosphere is very suitable for wedding.

Retro nostalgic bouquet
With the continued prevalence of retro, retro forms of wedding has become increasingly diverse. In retro wedding, the bride holding flowers naturally have to comply with the wedding theme. The production of roses, peonies, dahlias and coral from the bride holding flowers is very suitable for retro nostalgic wedding, it was pure and gentle temperament to be able to set off the bride more beautiful.

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