Vintage style noble wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dresses trend began blowing in the fashion industry, which is followed with European medieval palace ladies beautiful dress line, so the bride wearing them will glow a deep sense of elegance, classic there will be a reason to become a classic, let us work together to watch several of the bride’s favorite retro wedding dress style, to witness the classic charm!

lace over satin mermaid strapless-chapel train wedding dresses

Strapless wedding dress

Elegant and smooth waist ribbon bow, so it is full of the taste of a small woman in a lovely wedding cake Bra apart, adding a hint of sweet and noble princess-like sense of feathers on the skirt, between action, leaving like the bride elegant white swans generally moving, gorgeous.

top chiffon font wedding dress

Chiffon wedding dress

An elegant piece of cake made ​​of lightweight chiffon skirt, like the fragrance exudes a prosthetic lily petals, charming and elegant at the bride’s body, added a bit pretty, it is very suitable for young innocent bride.

How to choose wedding dresses for the fat brides

Right modification to the arm and shoulder

For the fat brides,if you want to modify the arm and shoulder, you must select a-line wedding dress which the material relatively stiff and more sedate color design. It has the effect of blocking fat arms, shoulders and can be modified meat, in addition, high waist design can hidden the waist fat, the proportion of elongated upper body, vertical skirt design also allows the body to pull stature highlight lines.

Note: You can not try to strapless, backless and a short wedding dress, the strapless wedding dress will be more exposed Bra and arm defects, and strapless wedding dress will only make the upper body look more and more fat.

Beading Ruched Wrap Satin A-line Plus Size Wedding Dress

Modification waist cleverly

High waist wedding dress is undoubtedly the choice of fat brides, a little loose wedding dress will only make the body look more fat, but can not choose particularly close to the body style, the so-called loose is material on the tip, minimalist design, it should not be gauze. For example, the waist line is in the middle of the chest and waist, so you can be waist falling meat can be hidden in the skirt below. You can choose waist line or decorative wedding dress, you can play to reduce the visual effect of obesity, because the lines will be obese at the use of elongated, so there is not so obvious fat.

Note: If the waist and hips have more meat, you can choose to have fewer decoration of the wedding dress, so the focus will be the bright spot in the upper body, especially the parts above the waist, the bride will be significantly thinner.

Elegant Chiffon V-Neck Chapel Train A-line Bridal Plus Size Wedding Dress

Modification of the lower body, cover buttocks

Modification of the lower body is only to see the skirt design, especially the A-line wedding dress, it is better to have satin fabric, if you need some lace decoration, but not too much decoration , she has plump enough, do not add more modification. Skirt designed primarily simple models, the pursuit of a modified proportional effect is important to have satin drape, stretch lines appear smooth.

Note: You can not use gauze skirt or dress style cake layered skirt, it looks only more complicated, so that the body looks more expansion, although this is a popular wedding dress styles, but they still can not be fat bride herd blind, it must proceed from reality.

Plus Size Beading Court Bridal Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Accessories modified method

1 veil: It is secret weapon for the fat brides, the use of veil clever covered the little upper body, it is a very smart match. Just to shoulder length or longer than shoulder veil, good, if a stylist process, you can also cover part of the relatively thick shoulders and arms, this is a very effective method to hide the meat, but you can make a beautiful veil The bride is more gentle feeling.

2 long hair: Brides hair is also play a role in the body’s state of disrepair, especially long hair brides, it can be scattered under the hair, so the hair slightly covered shoulder fat, long hair can make the shoulder visually separated. Do not let the chunks of fat present in the lens.

3 corset lingerie: some exquisite workmanship of the recoil underwear has good cultivation effect, excess body fat can be cleverly hidden in the underwear inside, so the fat bride wear a wedding dress is not so difficult.

Rhinestone Ruffle Shoulder Straps Court Plus Size Wedding Dress

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4 wedding dress can be recycle

Occasion 1 of Recycle: dress to attend

Dress decoding: exquisite gorgeous

If you are require formal dress to attend the wedding, then the formal wedding dress with heels is the most basic, if you want to get more eye-catching, you can try on this double lace embroidered tulle skirt Bra white dress. Delicate embroidery and lace highlights gorgeous, Bra tight design exudes sexy. Then with just the right accessories, I believe you will be the most dazzling a crowd.

strapless and mermaid wedding dress

Occasion 2 of Recycle: Semi-Casual

Dress decoding: the flow of natural

If you attend the occasion is semi-casual style, so too formal and ornate dress is obviously a bit too much, in this case it is can not be too high-profile but do not want to be too low-key situations, which is the test of fashion wisdom of the moment. Understated elegance and smooth curves to believe that you want to express and show.
strapless lace wedding dress

Occasion 3 of Recycle: Cocktail party

Dress decoding: playful light

If you happen to have an A-line silhouette Bra Pompon yarn white dress, cocktail parties that participate in such occasions it appropriate. Especially the knee short dress, it is more active rich cocktail atmosphere.

strapless short wedding dress

Occasion 4 of Recycle: Family Party

Dress decoding: Simple goddess

If you are like simple atmospheric style, but also it happens to have such a wedding dress, then you can secretly steal joy, because this style of dress is very popular nowadays especially appropriate for one party dress that backyard party. Features of this white dress style is simplicity but not simple, it is a large fine line detail. It is such a backyard party in a low-key family gatherings, but full of charm choice. Halter deep V design, high waist floral pattern, with elegant drape flow line hem, full of temperament.

simple wedding dress

Sexy deep V wedding dress

1 Deep V + Lace

Deep V is sexy together with beautiful and delicate lace, so how can such a perfect wedding dress! Try to best to show your good figure and feminine charm of it!
deep v fall wedding dressdeep v fall wedding dress

 long deep v wedding dresslong deep v wedding dress

2  deep V + beading

Beading added luxury, with a deep V sexy, to create elegant, gorgeous bridal styling. It is the best choice for the bride who has powerful gas fiel! It is not need more jewelry, you can show the light.

beading ball gown wedding dressbeading ball gown wedding dress

 beading long train wedding dressbeading long train wedding dress

3 deep V + Chiffon

Atmospheric and sexy deep V models, with flowing chiffon, creating both innocent and sexy bridal styling, it is suitable for tranquil temperament but hope to show little sexy “effort” bride!

long chiffon deep v wedding dresseslong chiffon deep v wedding dresses

 long chiffon princess weddingd dresslong chiffon princess wedding dress

5 details of New York wedding dress fashion week in Spring/Summer 2014

Details one: metallic lace

Metallic lace embroidered into line will become this year’s hot wedding details. Lace is bringing beautiful, delicate apart, gold or silver threads add more gorgeous metallic yarn breath. Many wedding brands, such as Carolina Herrera, Pronovias, Monique Lhullier and others have such a design.
gold or silver threads wedding dresses

Details two: Pearl

Wedding brand of Theia, Reem Acra and Carolina Herrera have joined pearl to  the wedding presents design, gloss, elegant pearl make the bride exudeswarm, elegant and demure light.
wedding dresses with pearl

Details three: Transparent shoulder

Wedding brand of Reem Acra, Marchesa, Pronovias, Christos and Amsale are invariably brings this design, transparent shoulder design is very soft and ethereal.
Transparent shoulder wedding dress

Details four: Textured fabrics

Adding textured fabrics, such as sequin or embroidery, wedding brand of Monique Lhuillier, Ines Di Santo, Theia, and Carolina Herrera have such a design, but also bring new stylish for wedding dress.
Textured fabrics wedding dresses

Details Five: vine pattern

The wedding dress design is inspired by the vine, in this year, the brand ofMarchesa and Pronovias have this design, whether it is beading or embroidery, they have brought spring flowers natural life.
vine wedding dresses

Transparence become the popular new trend in wedding dresses

In 2014 has passed by half, but the fashion is always ahead like train. So we had to pry the most fashion wedding dress in 2015. This year and next, with the hollow design has become the mainstream perspective. Minimalist tailoring match lace, deep V, three-dimensional crochet and other elements, so that the bride walk in the charming and sexy in a dignified and noble, it is imaginative.

Hollow out wedding dress

This minimalist tailoring wedding dress is very atmospheric international norm. Skirt is full of transparent material, an exposed body curves doubt. Cuffs and collar and skirt crochet embroidery exquisite palace, very texture. This wedding dress is very demanding for the bride’s body, due to the transparent material so that the body fat can not be hidden.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

strapless wedding dress

Strapless design, fishtail skirt, skirt with a dense hook flower pattern, the body revealed faintly, it has a kind of subtle sexy. The curves show the white corset belt is even more exquisitely delivered. Behind the white, with elegant facial feeling.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Embedded three-dimensional flowers wedding dress

The skin on the gauze of embedded three-dimensional flowers, tulle inserts uppercut, highlighting texture. Flowers evenly distributed on the chest, arms, abdomen, legs, uniquely designed to make wedding dress structured. Openwork lace pattern revealing slender legs curve, gives a delicate and romantic feelling.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★

wedding dress with long sleeve

Long sleeves, shoulder hollow, cut simple, show the French elegant and romantic. Light and soft gauze, fit white skin, simply highlight the dignified and elegant goddess temperament.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ☆

Chiffon wedding dress

Wedding dress upper body adopts a large area of embroidery, the release of women gentle touching temperament. Using tulle skirt material, elegant aesthetic. Upper body and lower body real virtual merging, giving beat note, wild and full of imagination tension.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★

lace wedding dress

The wedding tailoring revealing graceful female curves, upper hollow design has become even more sexy because of beadwork, delicate lace crochet, close to the skin, as the flowers open in the back, fit the curve of the body and grow. If it is placed years ago, bold design will let conservative bride prohibitive, but I think now there will be a lot of beautiful bride eager and confident.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Two-piece type wedding dress

Rather hippie-style two-piece style wedding dress, which is strapless halter, the outside is embroidered fringed hem circumference process move smoothly up and full of dynamic, modern fashion with a dash of retro flavor.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★

fishtail lace wedding dress

The wedding tailoring revealing graceful curves of women, beaded upper hollow design has become even more sexy because, using fishtail style, lace embroidered tail, giving the court a sense of luxury.

Challenge difficulty: ★ ★ ★

Hippie style wedding dress
Is also quite hippy-style wedding dress, one-piece skirt even more neat. Totem intricate feather patterns, bright sparkling rhinestones on the mosaic, retro romance melted mixed with luxurious elegance.

Challenge difficulty:★★★★

Vintage European style royal wedding dress

The classical charm is popular in today which is full of retro feelings European court wedding dress began again sought after by people.

A-line princess wedding dress
Today’s European court wedding dress is also more integrated into the modern elements, meanwhile highlight the classic and elegance, but also the luxury fashion temperament is to the limit. Wear such a combination of modern and medieval Europe arising from the collision of the wedding dress, the bride can add off-queen-like noble gas, more luxurious atmosphere, showing the charm of European-style palace wedding dress should not be overlooked. Once in a lifetime wedding, the bride has only once in your life, why not choose the gorgeous European-style retro palace wedding dress? Outstanding temperament will be hold live audience, put it on you who is the absolute protagonist!

pink wedding dress





multicoloured wedding dress



luxury wedding dresses



European court wedding dress


long white wedding dress


Top international wedding dresses for bride

Wedding dress which is never be stopped topic for a woman. what are the international fashion wedding dress brand? Women need to know about top brands for wedding dress.

retro feeling wedding dress
Lazaro: integration into the European retro feelings

Lazaro is a famous wedding dress designer in New York namesake brand. Specializes in the use of tulle, Eugen yarn quality materials to create a noble wedding dresses series, its wedding dress integration into the European retro feelings and romantic elements, overall showing a luxury, aesthetic style. Lazaro 2015 Fall wedding series, three-dimensional skirt with luxurious design, rich layering and gorgeous hand-beaded, creating a delightful romantic and gorgeous style.

luxury A-line wedding dress

Pronovias: The Queen and Madonna Favorites

Luxury brand from Spain Pronovias wedding hailed as the world’s largest wedding dress brand. Classic, bright, fantasy and fashion style interpretation of a variety of different qualities of the bride, so by the Queen Elizabeth II, the U.S. pop diva Madonna and other celebrities alike. It has 158 stores in 60 countries worldwide, Owns more than Valentino, etc of the world’s top designers. Pronovias white fantasy, timeless elegance and noble romantic and many other styles to create unique and gorgeous wedding dress, the average selling price of between 600 to 12,000 euros.

wedding dress by Jesus del Pozo

Jesus del Pozo: It have a real royal descent

Jesus del Pozo has a real royal descent, pure and noble, mysterious and refined, simple and fantasy wedding work, bringing magnificent imagination, becoming the world popular dress as if God sought after objects. Jesus del Pozo symbolizes the design innovation in the 1970s, limiting its breakthrough in the form and pattern of continuous innovation spirit of the design to make it today remains an important indicator of the fashion world.

wedding dress by Lee Seung Jin

Lee Seung Jin: Korea’s first customized wedding dress brand

Lee Seung Jin founded his own wedding dress brand in 1993. Through the efforts of a few short years, Lee Seung Jin has become Korea’s first customized wedding dress brand, its elegant, intellectual, minimalist design fully highlights the beauty of oriental women. Lee Seung Jin also participated in the Barcelona Bridal Week 2010 the only Asian wedding designer. Lee Seung Jin wedding dress designs for Magnus “beauty from simple to go,” she great local wedding design is simplicity espoused design, re-use accessories to maximize the contrast is not the bride’s wonderful temperament.

lace wedding dress

Rosa Clara: superb technology known

Rosa Clara is a Spanish wedding dress designer brand, with elegant fabrics, minimalist and luxurious design style and exquisite craft known. For example, Rosa Clara 2014 wedding dress series which uses silk, chiffon, tulle and other materials, simple A-line skirt, straight skirt, or a charming fishtail skirt, luxurious princess dress, with delicate embroidery and lace, achievement of a piece but not simple wedding dress.

How to choose wedding dress according to wedding venue  

It is tend to be neglect the important factor of wedding venues when the bride select the wedding dress, now i will tell you how to choose the wedding dress according to different wedding venue.

wedding dress

1 beach wedding

The more and more people who are go to experience the beach and island seascape wedding, definitely the complex wedding dress is not suitable for beach wedding, lightweight tailoring section is the best choice. Ocean View wedding show the romantic, the wedding dress is blowing by sea breeze, that is how beautiful picture? Straps, shoulder or shoulder slightly decorated wedding dress, it is also can be selected. Pls remenmber a word, light; the effect is also in a word, mmortal. The heavy satin fabric wedding dress, complicate wedding decoration, long beach wedding veil is not suitable for beach wedding.

white wedding dress
2 starred hotel

Starred hotel is generally have ornate architectural style, grand ballroom with such atmosphere, it is recommended that you can a gorgeous atmosphere feels dye-in-the-wood wedding dress, big trailing satin wedding dress is a good choice. Meanwhile, in shape, you can also choose to create a luxurious dazzling diamond shape, with the solemn atmosphere of the venue. If in the summer, you can choose relatively thin, elegant lace and satin Other fabrics. This is suitable for winter wedding, satin, romantic in the sense of luxury, thick in the steady sense.

ball wedding gown

3 a restaurant and general hotel

If the wedding venue is on general hotel hotel or restaurant, so you can choose fashion and more popular wedding dress, and generally do not select a special senior wedding dress. Because the wedding venue may be limited space, large tail wedding dress can not effectively express and move it inconvenient. Fashionable wedding dress is not necessarily cheaper, limited space, the bride can be closer to the guests, so we must ensure the quality of the wedding dress. Bridal can be bra but do not be too low, showing a gentle, generous, not yet sacred feeling.

beautiful wedding dress 2014

4 lawn wedding

Recently, the rise of the lawn wedding fever, exposure to sunlight outdoors, closeness with nature, the idea is yet romantic. The bride can random select the wedding dress for the lawn wedding, it is also quite large degree, the bride can be choose according to bride’s preference.

A similar like A-line wedding, ball gown wedding dress, royal waist small tail wedding dress, it is all suitable for lawn wedding. Such wedding dresses has large skirt, but not cumbersome. In the lawn, if the bride choose the dress is too thin, it will not have the sense of presence. So you can choose the style of some gorgeous wedding dress. The outdoor wedding venue is spacious, but the tail is carefully chosen, it does not match outdoor accompanying style.

fashion wedding gown

5 church wedding

Sacred solemn of the wedding is the new popular wedding form. Church wedding dress should pay more attention, it is not any wedding dress can be selected.
Church wedding is suitable for retro-style wedding dress. Use of lace elements, to cover the bare skin, sexy and dignified. Tailing wedding dress is also very suitable for church wedding, the wide channel can make the tail rolled out, but it is also highlight the bride’s wedding dress more noble and gorgeous. And like a deep V, heart-shaped collar, halter, etc. highlight the sexy, it is not suitable church wedding, it is also disrespect for the clergy.

wedding dress6 clubs

Clubhouse are more humane than the hotel, while privacy is very strong. Club style is generally more intense, the couple can choose a classic wedding and fashion wedding dress, but then add appropriate personality to it. Through wedding dress, you can exhibite the noble characteristics of the personal performance, reflecting the strength. In spring and summer, you can choose a short, middle or long section, the performance of contemporary, in coordination with buildings and surrounding. Select satin interior, choose outdoor gauze. Hair can be a little bit exaggerated, made ​​slightly exaggerated form with veil, it is a very popular bridal look.

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Personality wedding dress after 90s

After 90s is an non-mainstream era, who said it must be white and pink wedding dress? Today, take a look at 90s personalized wedding pictures, so you look as beautiful and romantic red and black wedding dress to attract your eye, so you dare to wear red and black color wedding dress?

red wedding dressThis latest wedding dress bring bright spots to us, it is stunning and unique way of cutting make people feel the infinite charm of fashion, the layers of folds design like a book page wedding dress, the stunning red make people feel the wedding draping charm.

red and white wedding dress
Large red flowers adorn the waist with white short paragraph designed to focus people’s attention to the bride’s waist, can be described as full of highlights.

black backless wedding dress

Black backless desigh is so sexy, plus blood red monster design in cuffs, chest also dotted with sequins slightest blood red jewels so that people feeldouble stimulation, fear and sexy.

wedding dress

The elegant painters color is just a lotus out of water, ball gown design make us feel lovely with the wedding dress, close waist wrapped design make the body seem good stature.

wedding dress

At the wedding, as the bride you are willing to try such a bizarre fashion wedding dress it?