The latest Europe and America Bridal makeup

Now many brides are like in Europe and America bridal makeup, today we will share the latest several European and American bridal makeup with you, we will teach you to create the perfect western style of the bride.

orange makeup for bride

Black eyeliner draw the outline of sunken eyes, eyes look more profound. T-site brightens highlight the overall makeup, blush significant ruddy orange line. Thin lips painted red lip gloss,sexy supple.

coffee color makeup
Coffee color eyebrow pencil light tracing thin eyebrows, Light purple eye shadow shading effect is just right, black eyeliner make the eyes more three-dimensional, eyes more clear. Peach-colored lip gloss bright dripping, brighten the overall look.

pearlized makeup
Cheek is red fade, as long as the emphasis on good color is ok, as the saying goes, joy puts heart into a man, so do not put the blush of a very prominent, it is proposed to increase the bride blush pearl color skin texture.

smoky eye make up
Small smoked makeup full of mysterious and charming,it gives you unlimited reverie. On wedding day, the bride what the memorial it? Apples muscle parts make makeup blush stereo has caused.

Temperament lady makeup

Under the shade of eyebrows neat, metal eye shadow is very brilliant. With long, thick curly eyelashes and nude color lip gloss, gentility and virtue of the bride image for him.

Pure and fresh pink makeup

Fresh pink, like dew kissed the delicate petals bloom generally gentle, depicting the goddess of flowers Allure appearance: golden orange blush slightly golden brown eye shadow with perfect convergence in the water pink tone depicts a deep and gentle face gentle eyes, rose pink lips reveal the bride’s charming and sweet.