SIQ 2016 Sevillian house brides with their city

Nobody much less tourists could avoid standing and photograph the fashion show that SIQ mounted on one side of the Archive of the Indies in the first of the four days that will this gateway. Stitches craft a framework luxury enjoyed the sunset nearly 200 guests (curious apart) from each of the four parades. Four very different aesthetic works that draw a complete picture frame fashion and style and is born on this earth.

Barbra Streisand’s voice with his Avinu Malkeinu in ebreo, a Jewish prayer of song, has served as the soundtrack for the collection “L ‘Amour’ Ivan Campaign. A moment of magic to the subtle arabesque air, large doses of romantic elegance and touches of green water of his first parade of brides. From the classic to sexy, you are looking for a different or even removable dress(DressesMall AU), a philosophy of understanding fashion, Campaign, which mates with the subject that has been fired, the “Enamorada” Pedrina and Rio.

Desfile de Iván Campaña en SIQ 2016. Foto: Chema Soler

“The wedding dress is the one that talks about the personality of a woman,” says Rocio Montero, creative director Lina. A live voice singing songs of Adele or Amy Winehouse makes us forget completely of flamenco fashion flagship Lina to get into his new bridal adventure.

Bulnes supplements Benjamin gave color and magic to the collection of Lina

His first collection, “Off White” was created by request of the clients for which only carry 56 years working as. Lina Brides, which complements exquisite grace and a little color Benjamin Bulnes, part of the tradition in search of innovation with two-piece sets, embroidered flowers in 3D, etc.

Brightness and fantasy in SIQ

The time of real celebration came, as expected, with the “Muses” of Paul Lanzarote among which highlighted the model Noelia Lopez invited. “With this collection I really enjoyed,” he confesses to Bulevar Sur minutes before the parade.

Desfile de Lina Novias en SIQ 2016. Foto: Chema Soler

The designer imagines gaditano key sequin, transparency, feather, pearl and tulle to dress your dream legion of misses. Invited bold and red carpet that evoke those dresses-naked Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. High jewelery Antonio Arcos has completed this ode to shine and show -always so necessary in the gateway to wake the staff-.

Parading design

The first parade in Seville model, presenter and (for less than two years) designer Maria Jose Suarez also brought the novelty of its premiere in the sector brides. After confirming with fashion opening ceremony with his tent in the center of Seville, he has opted to continue growing with a show in the Andalusian circuit fashion.

Desfile de María José Suárez en SIQ 2016. Foto: Chema Soler

The collection “Romance”, inspired by the 20s and vintage fashion, including brides, bridesmaids and guests who marched to the rhythm of charleston. Where the parade Maria Jose Suarez were not lost her friends Eva Gonzalez, Lucia Hoyos, Raquel Rodriguez and Soler Pastora.(More dresses for wedding:

The comment was unanimous among the hundreds of attendees SIQ: What better place than between the Cathedral and the Lion’s Gate of the Alcazar to see and feel the craftsmanship and fashion under the stars?

Wedding Dresses 2016 Wedding Dresses Madeline Gardner New York sophisticated style



The clothes by Madeline Gardner bride New York proposed in the 2016 collection invest on a feminine and sophisticated style, in order to realize fully the wishes of modern women who want to walk down the aisle in a wedding original look, interpreter of dreams made by girls.


bridal collection with classic style and textural elements and precious ethereal

As for fabrics, the choice fell on elements of matter ethereal and precious like silk, organza, tulle without sacrificing lace(lace formal dresses) that continues to be a winning trend in the bridal industry; the models on the traditional tones of white milk alongside the champagne-colored creations or powder pink. The American fashion house has stocked his bridal collection with a varied line of clothing with a classic style with full skirts and modern details, follow the romantic paths dresses with layers of ruffles that go to decorate your skirt paired with a heart shaped bustier strapless or with embroidered yoke and lace bands that continues in the area of ​​the sleeves; the brand Madeline Gardner New York has also proposed various models with wide and robust tulle petticoat skirt paired with a heart shaped bodices, followed clothes with pleated skirts that go on in the back in the aftermath of various lengths in combination with embroideries from ‘ mesh effect that continues down the back.


Among the most seductive models are noted by deep different paths models necklines in the back area, follow one another over the entire surface of the light lux details that continue for the entire length up to the trawler, it is available in the forms of dresses with skirts or slips(formal dresses). Space also look at different wedding slipped from cutting or siren with floral lace work that radiate on bustier, skirt and train, to which alternate with sensual dresses with flared tail.


In line with the most popular trends of recent seasons, the brand offers different clothes Mikado minimal chic style to which you associate the jewel applications that go to enrich the aesthetics of these wedding dresses, then enter the scene of the solutions in a more modern style characterized by structured skirts formed from the bottom in pleated tulle and peplum top that surrounds the waist matched with romantic floral applications.
















Wedding Dresses 2016 fall collection Oscar de la Renta

Wedding Dresses Fall 2016 Collection Oscar De La Renta


floral motifs is what characterizes the wedding dresses Oscar de la Renta Fall 2016.

Princely creations where decorative elements, from lace to lace(lace formal dresses), are delicate generate lightness and style finesse. In fact the line, of all the wedding dresses proposed, following a classic mood, elegant and refined, where tradition becomes a timeless must.










Collection 2016 wedding dresses Alma Novia



Alma Novia presents his collection of wedding dresses 2016, a wide range of models to suit all tastes made of refined shapes and embellished with embroidery and irresistible jewel applications. The brand has designed a wide range of wedding dresses with full skirts, slip, versions with more details mermaid tattoo clothes and novelties Empire can not miss.

Alma Novia, the wedding dresses with lace


The wedding dresses lace(lace formal dresses) are always the most chosen by women for the most beautiful day of their life, patterns that are emerging among the new Alma Novia signed in classic or more original. The A-Line dress with full skirt strapless bodices have braces or without lace yoke from semitransparent processing along the décolleté, creations from pleated skirts supported by robust underskirt and more structured variants with different layers of ruffles and trains of different lengths.


Very popular also slipped dresses in the Empire style forms with embroidered straps with waist underlined by silk belt and pleated skirt that caresses gracefully feminine forms.

Alma Novia, clothes Mikado and other news


From the mermaid wedding dresses are the first choice of women from the linear and lean physique, precisely because of their characteristic shape of a sheath dress which then ends in a massive queue. Alma Novia think princely dresses(ball dresses) with heart shaped bodice and lace boleros in a coordinated, models with bare back covered with precious embroidery and tattoo clothing from processing semi-transparent mesh covered with jewel applications for the entire length.


The wedding dresses Mikado as always have a more decisive and modern character.

white silk creations minimal chic allure, stand out in Alma Novia collection in variants with large, smooth or pleated skirts embellished with belts that emphasize the waist or with hidden side pockets. Very sophisticated clothes Mikado sheath and mermaid versions, which feature embroidered bodices with lace yoke and aftermath in mikado in the length you prefer. Space then to wedding dresses to classic column always strictly in total white.


















Wedding dresses 2016: Collection Two by Rosa Clara

An elegant and feminine girlfriend. It is proposing the unrivaled collection Two by Rosa Clara 2016 Discover the proposals that inspire and love.


The collection of wedding dresses 2016 Two by Rosa Clara features creations that are synonymous with elegance and femininity. Models that have been taken care of every detail, from the choice of fabrics to color, giving prominence to the radiant white. Rosa Clara reiventa stylish lines and classic designs wedding dresses. Designs complemented by elegant details that make each of his clothes in a single piece. Let yourself fall in love with the new Collection Two by Rosa Clara.

Lace dresses Two by Rosa Clara


The lace wedding dresses are undoubtedly one of the most sought after designs, a fabric that great fashion designers have fallen ever rendered. 2016 Collection Two by Rosa Clara especially commitment lace dresses(lace formal dress), as you can check browsing image gallery that we invite you to visit to let yourself be seduced by its nice and elegant lines.


The new collection is no shortage dresses with full skirts, designs with heart-shaped bodice, strapless dresses and belted waist to highlight and, of course, the embroidery to decorate with subtlety and elegance dresses. They are equally charming mermaid dresses or pleated tulle dresses and combine in perfect harmony with the semitransparent embroidery back.

Mikado dresses Rosa Clara


The Mikado is a very unique, sophisticated and ideal for a most original creations of silk fabric. In this case, Rosa Clara also includes in its collection in mikado models for both vaporous, smooth or slightly pleated skirts(formal dress online), blouses to heart-shaped bodice or neckline. Completing the collection of wedding dresses Rosa Clara include organza designs and creations Empire style with brilliant applications. Enjoy these and many other creations in the gallery with the most elegant dresses Rosa Clara in her new collection 2016.

















Bride 2016, the Maison Lord Collection



The French laces give the 2016 bridal collection of Maison Lord a vintage touch to any outfit. The combination of the classic chantilly with macramé gives a particular dress lightly, gently drawing the female silhouette and thus enhancing the right spots, from the hips to the neckline. The cuts of the clothes are mostly slipped or siren, or adhesions on the hips and the bodice, although there are romantic proposals with wide skirt and sweetheart strapless bodice(wedding dress).

Very chic also proposed with a skirt to the knees, for those who love the short dress.













Jolies wedding dresses 2016: The fashion collection

If you dream of a wedding dress unique design you can not miss the fashion collection of dresses Jolies 2016.


Must include in the list of wedding dresses 2016 collection designs of Nicole Group, a team of designers led by Alessandra Rinaudo. His creations are undoubtedly, are the dream of women who want the wedding day is unique, original and memorable. And the dress is undoubtedly a key part of this great day. Models that ooze romance and design to offer each woman a single, consistent with its style dress. The collection of wedding dresses 2016 Jolie is pensanda to show off a radiant look on your wedding day.


Discover more fashion collection, where fabrics play an essential role, such as silk, lace, organza, and proposals of unexpected colors.

If anything highlights of this new collection are undoubtedly new colorful wedding dresses for 2016. The company is specially opted for the green mint, making some designs as refined as romantic, and certainly very original. Unique creations to feel like real princesses. Amazing designs in white dresses embroidered with unexpected colors like red flowers on the sides or details in blue and gray.


Collection including wedding dresses modern cut, asymmetrical lines, and are characterized by shorter front and longer skirts behind. Designs dresses adorned with ruffles or layers of fabric and, to surprise, dazzling Swarovski crystals.

If your style is more classic in this collection you’ll also find many designs of dresses irresistible bride, like cutting mermaid, perfect to be the protagonist of this great day, or princess style skirts flying. Perfect for winter weddings or celebrations evening, wedding dresses with long sleeves. These are just some of the proposals that you will find in the new collection of wedding dresses Jolies 2016. We invite you to browse our image gallery with a detailed selection.

















See more fashion ideas about wedding party dresses from DressesMallAU.

Wedding dresses: Tips for slim brides

The trend of recent years, whether on television or in magazines, is to buy clothes adapted to its morphology. Much of between you know the famous Cristina Cordula which is a reference in this area, but between form, cut, length, color… You will find? And do you know actually what you will and what is adapted to your morphology?
So for this article tips I’ll give you the outline to follow if you are thin.


Several forms and styles to offer you, you have the choice, all depends on from your felt about you, I tell you!
You feel good in your skin and your sneakers, then feel free to choose a dress sheath or Mermaid. This cut close to the body perfectly will showcase your figure with great elegance. Enjoy, everyone can not afford it!
Dare also necklines back, more or less bare or with transparency, it is very glamorous, the effect is insured :-)
Do you prefer a Princess style? No worries but be careful with the volume according to your size. If you’re petite, a too big volume will pack you whereas it is necessary to lie.

Otherwise, if you are too thin, too fine, then adopt a Bohemian, slightly baggy style on the bust to you. In this case there should especially not be volume on the bottom of the dress, this will cause a snowball effect. See more fashion ideas about wedding party dresses DressesMallAU.

Wedding dresses: a model for 10 styles


Choose from the many possibilities of the wedding dresses may not be an easy thing, above all if you have in mind what we want is the leitmotif of our marriage.

Once you have decided the style, indeed, all our other choices will be saying. Here then is a list of ten possible styles to choose wedding dresses that are best suited to us and to our idea of ​​marriage.

1. Romance: flowers, bows, ruffles and allure princess. The romantic style is the classic among the double mood. Pronovias, the famous fashion house of wedding dresses and formal Spanish(formal dresses), which has recently opened a second boutique Italian in the heart of Rome, offers a dress worthy of a true hero of fairy tales, with boat neckline, low waist, mock belt on the bias with bow at the waist. Processing is in Mikado, a precious fabric from Japanese origin that takes its name from the emperor who introduced this particular package of silk.


2. Bohemian: references to the hippie culture and gypsy chic twist. Marriage boho-chic is the most popular for some years now. The bride prefers elegance graceful, often barefoot or with shoes low. Wearing lace or chiffon, her head is adorned with a beautiful floral wreath or natural hairstyles embellished with flowers and no veil. Vera Wang, the New York designer who has made his line marries a real art, imagine a young chiffon, with three-dimensional flowers applied and a big bow on the waist. Bohemian yes, but time elaborated.


3. Bucolic reception en plein air, bright colors in harmony with the nature around them. The wedding dress has a vaguely retro, decorated with a hairstyle simple and fragrant flowers. Always the bucolic theme is one of the most ridden by Alberta Ferretti, who dedicates this collection Forever goddesses of Greek mythology. 3D flowers and embroidery for the wedding dress Moire, a model with a camisole bodice and skirt slip.


4. Rock: you do not know to give up even a second to your soul rocker? It might as well think of style even on the day of the fateful yes. Space then guitars, picks and so much black leather, also for the wedding dress. One idea is that proposed by Atelier Emé, the new brand created by the acquisition of the Atelier Aimée by the group Calzedonia: tulle skirt, strictly white, to match with black nail.


5. Country chic small country church for the ritual, country houses, farms or vineyards around outdoors for a perfect reception country chic, providing refreshments in the green, American-style, an elegant brunch or lunch at a rustic theme and a riot colored flowers for the wedding cake. Blumarine proposes a vintage dress from the line, with wide-line skirt with tail and a precious embroidery to the unique processing.


6. Informal: not all dream of the royal dress and glittering party. There are those who, that day, the dream as a poem slightly, to share with a few guests. Perfect for those who want to be trendy even on their wedding day. In this case the most suitable dress is short and simple, like Confidentiel Création, Parisian company specialized in wedding dresses, featuring creations made of flowing lines and precious fabrics.


7. Vintage: the retro chic is a marriage where you can really breathe an atmosphere of times. Since from the invitation, every detail will bring guests in the past, the location will be decorated in soft colors and precious decorative elements, and the couple seem to be coming out of a period picture. The designer is best for a vintage wedding dress? Elie Saab, the Lebanese designer who boasts wonderful applications, but also cuts princely bridal dresses seemingly simple but packed with sophisticated fabrics and prized.


8. Sexy: marriage is the tomb of passion? There are those who not only do not believe it, but decided to make the wedding day a true hymn to sensuality, with slits, transparency and details risqué. Those who dare even red, can choose the model of Alexander Angelozzi Couture, the couturier who dressed Abruzzo Elisabetta Canalis. The red model, the 2016 collection inspired by the twelve signs of the zodiac, has a structured skirts and a precious embroidery and chiffon.


9. Shabby chic: a few years ago was a must but now, with the appearance of new inspiration, the shabby chic is starting to lose ground. Yet still many brides still dream of a romantic wedding, ecological, shades ranging from beige to ivory to light gray and, of course, white. Alessandra Rinaudo presented a collection consisting of models of great charm, characterized by deep necklines and transparencies sensual, with cuts slipped and siren. Silk and lace are the tissues beloved fashion house while applications are generally reserved for the sparkling bodice or other details. The real leitmotiv? Necklines that go down deep on the back and breast and draw a line predominantly V, dubbed tulle bare so as to create the much-loved tattoo effect, by the application of white embroidery.


10. Exotic: swearing eternal love in a tropical paradise? Why not. I am now so many couples who decide to turn a romantic getaway in the best day of their lives. And many are, by now, the fashion houses offering bikini wedding in romantic white complete with a veil. If you really want to do crazy, nothing better than the white suit worn by beautiful Behati Prinsloo at the parade of the angels of Victoria’s Secret (perhaps with wings less obvious …). The future groom can only be amazed.


Wedding Dresses Ronald Joyce 2016: Collection

Do you want to see every one of the wedding dresses 2016 Ronald Joyce? For attentive to the entire collection.

2016 Collection Wedding Dresses Ronald Joyce is entirely focused on the expressive grace of white hue British firm has adapted to any shape and silhouette, in its proposals.

The bridal collection includes models Ronald Joyce for everyone, dresses with wide and voluminous skirts, and tight creations or siren cut dresses with modern silhouettes and many other innovations that you can not miss.

Ronald Joyce, the most classic models

The lace wedding dresses are preferred by many women, symbol of femininity delicate and romantic past. Not surprising, therefore, that the firm has included a rich line of dresses like this in your collection for this year. Wedding dresses with full skirts are held with cancans tulle pleated surface also in tulle, organza and lace, but also present in smooth silk. In the images of our gallery you can find versions with strapless neckline heart-shaped, and others with short sleeves or midi completely covered with embroidered lace, getting a tattoo effect.

Most striking are the mermaid wedding dresses cut, models designed to revalue the more linear silhouettes.

Ronald Joyce proposes dresses with tails that depart from the knees or even lower, jewelry decorated with belts at the waist with bateau neckline and lace along the back.

Ronald Joyce Modern Wedding Dresses cut

Not lacking among the proposed signature modern creations, following the trends of the season, starting with colorful dresses. Among the most romantic dresses 2016 bride roses, romantic Ronald Joyce models have a prominent position, wearing large pleated skirts with belts and contrast details along the entire model.

There is also room for more unique creations, like a bustier with jewelry, complete with a structured skirt through ruffles and layers. The Empire style wedding dresses are enriched with beautiful decorations on the straps or belts in contrasting shades. There is no shortage in the collection, dresses with V-neckline, riskier, word of honor versions with long coats or dresses that follow the dictates of the season, when it relates to asymmetrical cuts.