SIQ 2016 Sevillian house brides with their city

Nobody much less tourists could avoid standing and photograph the fashion show that SIQ mounted on one side of the Archive of the Indies in the first of the four days that will this gateway. Stitches craft a framework luxury enjoyed the sunset nearly 200 guests (curious apart) from each of the four parades. Four very different aesthetic works that draw a complete picture frame fashion and style and is born on this earth.

Barbra Streisand’s voice with his Avinu Malkeinu in ebreo, a Jewish prayer of song, has served as the soundtrack for the collection “L ‘Amour’ Ivan Campaign. A moment of magic to the subtle arabesque air, large doses of romantic elegance and touches of green water of his first parade of brides. From the classic to sexy, you are looking for a different or even removable dress(DressesMall AU), a philosophy of understanding fashion, Campaign, which mates with the subject that has been fired, the “Enamorada” Pedrina and Rio.

Desfile de Iván Campaña en SIQ 2016. Foto: Chema Soler

“The wedding dress is the one that talks about the personality of a woman,” says Rocio Montero, creative director Lina. A live voice singing songs of Adele or Amy Winehouse makes us forget completely of flamenco fashion flagship Lina to get into his new bridal adventure.

Bulnes supplements Benjamin gave color and magic to the collection of Lina

His first collection, “Off White” was created by request of the clients for which only carry 56 years working as. Lina Brides, which complements exquisite grace and a little color Benjamin Bulnes, part of the tradition in search of innovation with two-piece sets, embroidered flowers in 3D, etc.

Brightness and fantasy in SIQ

The time of real celebration came, as expected, with the “Muses” of Paul Lanzarote among which highlighted the model Noelia Lopez invited. “With this collection I really enjoyed,” he confesses to Bulevar Sur minutes before the parade.

Desfile de Lina Novias en SIQ 2016. Foto: Chema Soler

The designer imagines gaditano key sequin, transparency, feather, pearl and tulle to dress your dream legion of misses. Invited bold and red carpet that evoke those dresses-naked Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. High jewelery Antonio Arcos has completed this ode to shine and show -always so necessary in the gateway to wake the staff-.

Parading design

The first parade in Seville model, presenter and (for less than two years) designer Maria Jose Suarez also brought the novelty of its premiere in the sector brides. After confirming with fashion opening ceremony with his tent in the center of Seville, he has opted to continue growing with a show in the Andalusian circuit fashion.

Desfile de María José Suárez en SIQ 2016. Foto: Chema Soler

The collection “Romance”, inspired by the 20s and vintage fashion, including brides, bridesmaids and guests who marched to the rhythm of charleston. Where the parade Maria Jose Suarez were not lost her friends Eva Gonzalez, Lucia Hoyos, Raquel Rodriguez and Soler Pastora.(More dresses for wedding:

The comment was unanimous among the hundreds of attendees SIQ: What better place than between the Cathedral and the Lion’s Gate of the Alcazar to see and feel the craftsmanship and fashion under the stars?


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