10 dresses that will go to all the bridesmaids



Choose the dress of her bridesmaids can be almost as much if not more complicated than finding her own wedding dress. An overview of models that will make you more hesitation.


This year more than ever, the bridesmaids dresses perfectly fit the trends of ready-to-wear, thus facilitating the preparation of D-Day Yes because in addition to choosing our wedding dress, you also choose one her bridesmaids. Purchase a perilous since it must appeal to both parties: you and your girlfriends who make you great joy to accompany you for the best day of your life.


First challenge: style. Even if you have a theme in mind or a well defined marriage of color, impossible not to find a bridesmaid dress that do not match. Romantic, or downright minimalist retro: all styles are to carry hand in our favorite shops and e-shops.


Second challenge: their morphology. Yes: dressing several different women who have neither the same size or the same weight nor the same forms yet with a single dress pattern can quickly become an insurmountable puzzle. Dresses strapless or with straps, long or short dresses: one has selected all types of bridesmaid dresses story you chew the work.







Some suggestion for bridesmaids on the wedding party

Bridesmaids are beautiful leaves on the wedding who is set off the bride look. Therefore, from the shape, the bridesmaids must not grab the bride’s thunder. Bridesmaid style should be coordinated from dress to make up.

Ruched Sweetheart Chiffon Green A line Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dress length

If the wedding is in the room and more solemn occasions (such as churches), the bride choose train wedding dress, bridesmaid dress should be dressed formal dress. Specific requirements: The length is on the top of the shoes, but the skirt is not so puff, it is less than the brides, so it will shadow the bride thunder and affect the walk. Because bridesmaids need to lift the train when the brides turned around.

Ruching Sweetheart Chiffon Navy Column Bridesmaid Dress

Long chiffon pink bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dress style and color options

On the premise of similar bride style to choose the bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid dresses color should be dominate as simple and elegant light color, it is better not choose the white color, pink, champagne, light green those are good choice. It is recommend that choose the unique back design bridesmaid dress, because the bridesmaids have too much time back to the audience.

bridesmaids bags

Bridesmaid bag is very important

The bride is certainly not take the bag, but bridesmaids must take the bag. What kind of bag is ok? From the shape, luxurious decoration shiny satchel overall shape is echoed coordination with bridesmaids. It is not recoomend the brides to hold a clutch, it is better choice the single shoulder bag, so that delay the hands to serves the bride. Bag is not too small, it must be at least half the size of magazine, it can be hold all the envelopes and all other debris.

bridesmaids makeup
Bridesmaid makeup

Natural-based, bridesmaids makeup should be light and glossy. Eye shadow colors is need to clean, do not draw smoky makeup; mascara brush, do not wear false eyelashes; lip gloss to brush, flashed vivid luster. This is not only holding up wherever he goes, do not grab the bride limelight perfect bridesmaid style.

What the bridesmaids to wear

Bridesmaid is also a pivotal role in the wedding, It is not only beautiful to wear, but also not overshadowed by the bride’s thunder, so what bridesmaid to wear?
V neck Cap Sleeves Pink bridesmaid dress

What is a bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid dresses is one of dresses, it is wear by bridesmaid in the wedding, but how to choose the bridesmaid dress? It is need to match accroding to the bride’s wedding dress. Long or short is not limited to, the main color is light color.
Elegant ruching beading sweetheart chiffon a-line bridesmaid dress

About how to pick pink bridesmaid dress

Pink is the indispensable color in the wedding, too bright pink is sedate feeling, so you sholud pay special attention to the color depth control. Marriage is a festive event, of course, but the bridesmaid dress is also neeed to festive. Pink is the color of the bridesmaids who often choosed. It is cute but also pure, the election of style can also be very fashionable.
Bridesmaid dress is try to demonstrate maturity in the wedding, after all, the bridesmaid is not a children who played in the wedding, a large area using pink color, the style is not too loose, try to feminine, if you want to add romantic temperament, you can available use satin class.
Ruched Straps Chiffon Pink A-line Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dress match with the figure

1 A tall, straight bridesmaid dress can be worn with a jacket which can add design on shoulder, you can choose flouncing to increase the body layering.

2 Plump bridesmaids: A style can choose the simple A-line dress, the skirt is not too large.

3 High waist design is more suitable for petite bridesmaids, the gauze fabric is prominent personality, the waist is too thin texture to enhance the thickness of body modification.

4 The symmetrical bridesmaid can can select the dress accroding to their face, What the style is unlimited for symmetrical bridesmaid.

Five criteria to choose the bridesmaids

bride and her bridesmaid are so happy

1 The standard of height

Bridesmaid’s height is not too much difference with the height of the bride. Height maybe slightly higher or lower than the bride, too high or too low is not a good choice, because the body is too high or too low, they were standing dispute with the knot bride eye on the stage.

2 The standard of shape

Bridesmaid’s body do not differ greatly with the new couple. Weight oversized or ultra-small, it will be attract the attention of visitors. Especially super fat bridesmaid or best men, it is often sweating when they stood on the stage about 40 – 50 minutes, they need to wipe sweat, often as they wipe, one has action, it will cause the guest goodwill laughter, this will be an ongoing wedding ceremony atmosphere interference.
bride and her five bridesmaids

3 The standard of dress

Bridesmaid dress color is not too bright, if the dress is too loud, the guests will make the comparison withe newcomers, it would cause eye glazing. Generally the dress is to highlight the married coupple. Some married couples are willing to give their bridesmaids accompanied uniform clothing, so dress uniform look decent. But it need to money to support it. The wedding after September, the bridesmaids wear dress which is a better choice.

4 Behavior standards

The bridesmaid of honor from the selection, it should be the best friends for wedding couple, their behavior should reflect the cultural quality of married couples. So, the new people in the choice of bestman and bridesmaids,they need to pay attention to this issue. Because in the wedding day, many things need them to work it. Their politics matter, speaking manners, the grade should reflect the couple’s married. Those willing to go through anything after drinking buddy friend, or arrange them to drink the best.
bride and her bridesmaid group who wear pink bridesmaid dress

5 Pretty or not there is no standard

Some couples, especially brides, they are afraid the bridesmaids too pretty to overshadowed by yourself, it’s a bit redundant. We can think of it from another angle, your bridesmaids are very beautiful, let all the guests remember your wedding. Especially those men are more involved into your wedding, and their active participation will make your wedding more fun, you have such a beautiful bridesmaid friend, and you will become more wedding highlights center. But I guess at the end of the wedding ceremony, your phone bill will increase. But it may also make your social circle more wider .