What is OEM?

OEM is also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer. Branders don’t make products directly but authorize other manufacturers to do it. In this way, branders can focus themselves on sales, design and decrease the cost at the same time.


OEM Benefits:

Decrease your cost of each dress.

You have more time to focus on marketing such as sales and brands promotion.

To be able to respond to the market quickly and seize the business opportunity.

A good chance to check the market popularity for your products.


Services We Provide Here:

Traditional Large Quantity Dresses OEM, large quantity orders please contact to our service members directly.

Small quantities dresses manufacturing according to your requirement, no limit to the quantity but the sample fee will be charged. Send us your pics, designs and other requirements.


Our Advantages:

Spectacular manufacturing ability, we can support.

Independent designing team.

Great customer service.

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OEM MOQ: minimum 30 pieces, Prices depend on the styles and quantity of your order, For more details Contact Now | Ask a Question