Drop Shipping

What is Dropshipping?

DressBulk offers Drop-shipping FREE service to all dropshippers by free registration. Dropshippers do not need to keep goods in stock and instead we deliver the items directly to your customers. Whether you are an online retail veteran or have never sold anything on the web you'll find immediately that DressBulk has made Drop-shipping simple and rewarded. Browse thousands of items to find one of them you would probably sell to your customer.

DressBulk only allows Drop-shipping orders for Drop-shipping clients. Sign up by choosing dropshipper or upgrade your account. Once we approve your request, you can place any drop-shipping orders. Discount for Drop-shippers You can get extra discounts in DressBulk as a drop-shipper.

You can choose one of two following methods to join us:


I. Accumulated Order Amount

DS Level Accumulated Order Amount (excluding shipping fee) DS Extra Discount (excluding shipping fee)
Bronze $0-$5000 0% off
Silver $5,001-$15,000 2% off
Gold $15,001-$50,000 5% off
Platinum $50,001 or above 10% off or Negotiate with us directly


II. Deposit

DS Level Deposit(USD) DS Extra Discount (excluding shipping fee) Remarks
Bronze $500 5% off Purchasing over $1000,deposit can be use to deduct.
Silver $800 10% off Purchasing over $1000,deposit can be use to deduct.
Gold $1000 15% off Purchasing over $1000,deposit can be use to deduct.
Platinum $2500 20% off Purchasing over $2500,deposit can be use to deduct.
Diamond $3500 23% off Purchasing over $3500,deposit can be use to deduct.

How to Join Drop-shipper?

Note: Dropshippers and Wholesalers can not enjoy DressBulk's permissions. For any inquiries and price bargain, contact service@dressbulk.com


Drop Shipping FAQ:

1. Will the DressBulk logo or related information appear on customer packaging?

No, every drop shipping package will be delivered to your customer without any DressBulk logo or information.

2. Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order(s)?

Yes, contact Customer Service and inform them of the correct address before order(s) ship.

3. How can I cancel the unshipped order(s)?

Please contact Customer Service for cancellation.

4. What are the available drop shipping methods?

DressBulk offers regular air mail and registered airmail shipping methods for free. For more shipping methods please view shipping & delivery

5. How are customs and tax issues handled?

The customer is responsible for all customs and import issues including but not limited to knowing import laws, dealing with taxes, tariffs, and item seizures. Hong Kong warehouse items are not subject to any export taxes.

How long does it take to deliver?
Generally it takes about 10-25 business days for air mail delivery. Please check the Shipping Methods Time Table.

6. What is the returns procedure?

All return policy and return procedures are the same as DressBulk. Please check here for more information: http://www.dressbulk.com/return.html

7. Is there any Commission Rate/Discount/Bulk rate for orders?

Yes, DressBulk provides the bulk rate (coming soon) and commission rate (discount) for drop shippers. Look for the details go to: http://www.dressbulk.com/drop_shipping.html

8. Can I download the products pictures without watermark?

Normally this download function is limited to our Silver Members or Members with a higher level. You can become our Silver Members Immediately by paying a $800 dollars guarantee deposit which will be return back to you once your drop shipping account purchasing over $1000.